Two Giraffes™, a Ukrainian-owned, eco-friendly children’s furniture label, shares their best tips on moving your toddler into his or her very own bed as easily as possible for everyone.

Switching to a big-kid bed from a crib is a big change for the little ones. It can also be a challenging one for parents. As a family with three young kids (8, 6 and 3 years old) we know just how tough (yet important) kids’ sleep is. So here are some tips and tricks that we found helpful to make this milestone as smooth as possible.    

When to transition: 

First of all, you need to know when it’s the right time to transition. Most specialists recommend transitioning to a regular bed when a kid is 3 years old or 34 to 36 inches tall, at the moment when a child can climb out of the crib on his own. 

Falling asleep independently:

The second and the important thing before the transition: it’s better to teach your child how to fall asleep on his own and to ensure the bedroom is a safe environment. Why? Before the little one gets used to his new sleeping nook there is a chance he leaves a new bed and goes straight to the parents’ room in the middle of the night. Once he knows how to fall asleep independently, moving to the regular bed should go more quickly and easily, since he will be able to get back to sleep after night awakening (as we know all children do).

Start at a relatively calm period: 

We strongly discourage anyone from crib-to-bed transition when any big events are happening: like a weaning, new baby, potty training, new caregiver, starting a daycare, moving to a new place, or even moving your sweetie to a new room. Switching during such big changes can get your child emotionally overwhelmed or even scared.

Give them a heads-up:

It’s a big event for every child and it’s a good idea to get them ready for the switch. Talk to your little one about the change in advance to get him mentally prepared. Make him feel empowered by telling him that he is a big kid now who is ready to spend the whole night in his own bed; he’s going to do great and will love his new sleeping nook, even if it feels tough at first. 

Gradual but consistent approach:  

Start with day-time naps for the first couple of days, so you can check on your little one until he adjusts. Once you see him get used to the new bed, graduate to a whole night’s sleep. Make sure your tot is tired but not exhausted (we don’t want an adrenaline rush).

Customize the evening routine that suits your family and stick to it consistently – a bath, a book or two, talking about their day, some sweet snuggle time, massage, lullaby, or singing a song. 

Get them involved:  

Let your tot pick out adorable bedding and a few loveys to set the stage for a smoother night’s sleep. 

If you’re purchasing a new bed for your little one – show him the pictures of it once you’ve completed an order. So he could anticipate what his new bed is going to look like and he won’t be surprised on the day of the transition.

Our favorite – choose a dream bed they will love sleeping in: 

Consider a Montessori-style house- or teepee- bed that is designed to smooth the crib-to-bed transition. Here are a few why’s: 

  • A floor bed is within the child’s reach and at their level. It promotes independence and freedom of movement. The little tots can independently reach the bed without the help of parents.
  • While cribs restrict the movements and vision (due to the size and high railings), a Montessori bed allows the child to explore a beautiful world full of exciting adventures.
  • A simple, Scandinavian design prevents overstimulation but also inspires creativity and fun. Neutral tones create a sense of calm, creating a cozy napping environment.
  • Don’t be afraid of using the floor bed without guardrails. Children learn pretty fast where the edge of the bed is and become spatially aware. 
  • Last but not least, kids truly adore Two Giraffes house beds. They love building an epic blanket fort simply using everyday items such as blankets, pillows, and fairy lights decorations – along with a little bit of imagination.

Transitioning your toddler into his or her very own bed could be a major milestone for both of you. It’s expectable for this step to be challenging, but as soon as you go gradual but consistent, your sweetie will eventually adjust. 


About Two Giraffes: 

Two Giraffes™ is a kids’ furniture brand focusing on playful designs and sustainable production. We’re a family business, owned and run by a woman and a mom of three. 

Ukrainian -owned, and -manufactured, safely stocked in Florida: 

We’re Ukrainians, living in Toronto. All our furniture is produced in a family-owned factory in the western Ukrainian countryside with over 50 years of experience producing wooden furniture. 

All the stock is available and being shipped from our warehouse in South Florida. We’ve rigorously tested all the materials at to verify compliance with all the industry voluntarily and regulatory standards.

Sustainably sourced and responsibly crafted: 

All Two Giraffes™ furniture is made with sustainably harvested solid wood (no fiberboards or MDF) and finished with child-safe, water-based paints so the parents can rest assured their product is safe and contributes to a healthier home. By shopping sustainably, you’re helping to preserve a beautiful planet for our future generations.

Turn your kids’ room into their wonderland with us: 


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