How to Identify the Right Lawyer for You


From time to time, you’re going to need legal representation. It’s not just the rich and famous who sometimes need to have a lawyer on call. It doesn’t have to be as serious as breaking the law, there are certain circumstances that can lead to you needing a lawyer in your corner. Whether you’re protecting your online business, negotiating a contract, having to deal with a personal injury case, or adopting a child, getting a lawyer can take a lot of stress off your plate, and give you the wisdom and guidance to navigate some of these important proceedings. 

If you need a lawyer, how do you actually find a trustworthy, reliable lawyer who will help you and bring you closer to a good outcome? 

Here are some of the ways to identify the right lawyer for you, and whatever legal concern you’re navigating. 

Community Involvement 

Lawyers who plant themselves in their communities and try to make a positive impact are the best kinds. Some law firms don’t care about helping the people around them, and you wouldn’t want to work with people like that. Look out for law firms who do things like support local charities, sponsor impactful programs and even do fun and engaging things in the local market or the greater world. For example, one law firm launched a contest for local musicians to make a jingle for them, which will end up being part of a campaign around the Barnes firm TV commercial. It’s a nice way to support local talent and do something that shows that it’s not just about making money or winning cases, it’s about impacting people in many different ways. 


A good lawyer has to have a good reputation, that’s a given, but only looking at reputation on a surface level can lead to regret. There are horror stories and allegations of clients who get settlement money spent by their lawyers, and other unsavory behaviors from lawyers who are prominent and well-known. It’s important to find out from your community and from the internet if the lawyer has a good reputation through and through and if they have ethics and integrity with a track record. 

Relevant Experience 

Law firms come in different sizes and specialize in different niches and areas. A lawyer who is great for a small business, might not be the best choice for adoption. A lawyer who specializes in family law, might not have in-depth knowledge of negotiating a sponsorship. Whatever you need a lawyer for, be sure to look for people who have experience in that specific space. The goal is to have a true expert in your corner, someone who has seen it all, and knows how to navigate that specific niche and lead you to success. If you’re going to end up going to court, make sure your lawyer has trial experience. If you run a niche business, find out their experience in it. These details really matter. When you do your search, make sure you’re actually looking into the niche you need that lawyer for so that their work is hyper-relevant and specific. 

How They Treat You 

From the moment you are a potential client making an inquiry, to the moment you sign the retainer agreement and beyond, you want to feel taken care of and valued. Before you choose a lawyer, have a conversation and see how they treat you, how much they are willing to help, and make sure they aren’t just seeing you as another paycheck. You want to really feel like these people are on your team from day one. These people are guiding you through an overwhelming process, and you really need to gel well with them. See how you feel when you talk to them, and make sure you can trust them before any money changes hands. 

Hiring a lawyer isn’t always about being in a bad situation, but even when it’s for a good situation, it’s still extremely daunting and you will come to rely on the legal representative you will be working with. There’s often intricate laws involved, along with a lot of complicated paperwork and negotiations, so take the time to research so you can make a really informed decision that you won’t regret. 

A lawyer can become a resource throughout your life, and someone you might have to call upon a few times. Don’t be afraid to spend time searching on Google, reading reviews and seeing some testimonials. It’s really about finding a lawyer or law firm with integrity, experience and even a heart for the local community. There are many things that make a good lawyer, make sure the most important things for you are considered, and will be taken care of. 


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