As we age, we change. It’s true what they say — we grow through what we go through. But as our priorities and perspectives shift, so do many of the ways that we identify ourselves, like our sense of style. Rediscovering your personal style can mean anything from adding more functional pieces to your wardrobe, incorporating more color, or elevating your everyday looks. Chances are you’ve already done a complete wardrobe overhaul several times in your life, but if you’re looking to find ways to add a layer of sophistication to your style, look no further!

Here are some ways to take your look to new, sophisticated heights.

Comfort is King

The pandemic truly impacted so many long-standing societal practices and behaviors. The fashion industry had to adapt, and quickly, to the rising demand for comfortable clothing. Rigid dress codes are a thing of the past as society embraces a more relaxed sense of style. Seems counterintuitive to sophisticated looks, however, having a sophisticated sense of style really just means having an understanding of fashion and culture. Today’s modern culture is all about athleisure wear, loungewear, and comfort in general!


One of the easiest ways to up the outfit ante is to throw on some layers. Layering is a great way to incorporate sophistication by adding visual interest. Layering neutral-colored clothing with clean lines adds effortlessly chic sophistication. For warmer days when layering clothing isn’t ideal, layering jewelry is a go-to way to make your style stand out. With long tapered necklaces, stackable rings, and bracelets, the options are endless. Mix metals, add colors, choose contrasting textures — get creative with your jewelry layering! The flip side to layering is matching. Matching your jewelry adds an understated elegance as a finishing touch. Jewelry sets of matching earrings and necklaces are the epitome of jewelry sophistication! 


Unleash your inner fashionista! Experimenting with pieces outside your comfort zone is a great way to level up! Play with different shapes. Apparel comes in a variety of silhouettes and introducing new outfits can breathe fresh life into your closet! Shape doesn’t just apply to clothing. Think outside the box with the shape of your handbag or even shoes. 

For an experimental outfit to work well, it needs to be balanced. If you’re rockin’ a bright, vibrant color, pair it with neutral pieces. This will help make the color pop as opposed to looking busy. Patterns and prints styled well speak volumes about sophistication! You’ll look like you’re fresh off the runway in geometric patterns and playful prints worn with understated pieces. Remember when it comes to experimenting: less is more. Pick one standout piece and build your outfit around it.


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