Your hair is too this, and your nose is that. Your lips are so big. Watch what you eat so you don’t also become fat. You are wrong in your thinking, and as a matter of fact, the color of your skin is not white enough to date my son.

Growing up I was exposed to an environment where my differences were deemed as defect. The way in which I was made was up for discussion. My wiring was beyond acceptance.

Then I grew up, but the voices of condemnation lingered despite marrying my beloved and bearing three of the most incredible children on the face of the earth. If I’m being honest, I sometimes struggle with allowing that broken record to play in my head as I get ready for the day or enter a room.

Deep wounds and insecurities don’t disappear because we find favor in another, my sweet friend. We live in a world that believes a woman’s value is bound to her ability to please everyone at all times aesthetically. Your appearance will always be subject to redefinition and sabotage. We must choose for ourselves what dialogue we will honor.

No more. Not today!

Stand firm in full assurance and confidence that the way in which you have been created is enough and so much more. You need no one’s permission to have a positive mindset about who you are TODAY! Where skin is prone to wrinkle, bellies grow rounder and hair color fades the YOU at your very CORE abounds so much more. Through harsh criticism, seasons of marriage and motherhood, in the midst of great loss, and for a friend in need YOU show up! As you press on in progression, please see that who you are today is enough for the season you are in today!

Show up today. You are equipped. Your courage and boldness may lead many out of dark places. Your adventurous and wildly curious soul has the potential to breathe life back into dead places. Your strength of mind, body and soul is a catapult for a friend discovering her own might. Your tenderness of heart and gentle touch will help heal old wounds. Your wit and humor will survive time and bring joy to hearts in times of sorrow.

We are not the things in which the critics **choose** to see for we were not made for them.

We are the women of tomorrow because of who we choose to rise up to be today! We can rest in peace knowing we are equipped to rise up today for our daughters and our sons, our fellow mamas, our best gal pals, and always, always for ourselves. 🖤

~Sylvia Scarlett
OMC Team Member


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