I’m SO not ready for summer vacation


As the last few weeks of school come to an end, I am beginning to think about our summer plans. While I love not having a schedule or lunches to pack, I also loathe summer break! The minute one of the kids gets bored the fighting begins. They start arguing over the same toy, who had what first, etc. We get maybe a day into break and they are already bored and sick of each other.

Summer Break
Summer Break

My husband who leaves for work before any of the chaos begins suggests that we use the pool every day, or take a trip to SeaWorld’s Aquatica Water Park (we have season passes). While that sounds great, it means loads of wet, dirty towels and bathing suits every day. Also, the chlorine destroys their hair….did I mention they tend to fight over the same toys? Well, that happens in the pool too. So now all my neighbors hear me as I yell at them around the pool to “stop screaming and share with your sister!”

The waterpark should be a good option, right? Well, the 35 minute drive down there isn’t too appealing, and when we get there every other kid in central Florida is there too! I also found a used bandaid in the wave pool one time too, so it’s not my favorite place to be. And again, there’s the issue of the wet towels and bathing suits every day! Because we live in Orlando and it’s so hot, being outside at a park usually isn’t an option unless we are up at the crack of dawn before the humidity hits.

If it sounds like I am complaining, it’s because I am! Being home with them every day during the summer I feel like I need to provide them with some awesome craft, or bake a huge complicated Pintrest cake. I feel guilty when I tell them to go watch TV or play on the Wii, but truth is it is exhausting trying to entertain two kids all day, every day for over two months. While I look forward to sleeping in and not rushing out to the bus before eight o’clock, I also dread the long, hot days of summer!

Maybe this year I will try and not care about the mounting pile of beach towels, or the stringy, green hair my children will have every day. Maybe I will let them have obscene amounts of popsicles and candy. Or, maybe you might just hear me yelling at them to behave in the pool!

Looks like I should get to reading the great Summer Camp list posted on the blog a few weeks ago…I have a feeling I am going to need it!


  1. I used to love summer breaks with my kids! yes, sometimes they would fight and get on my last nerve but that was all part of learning to be the person they are today. We swam in the pool, played with toys, played games and with their toys. Everyone got a turn at picking something to do. They also had quiet time everyday in which they could sleep, read or whatever as long as they were in their rooms and quiet. They had time with the neighbor kids who came to swim with them. With it being so hot outside the pool was a lifesaver! So, just enjoy the time you get to spend with them and let them be kids. good luck! I’m not saying it was easy but I loved it!


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