I’m sorta rich. Loaded, actually.


I’m sorta rich. Loaded, actually.

Seriously, wealth is all around me. OK, OK, now don’t get jealous, because I have a little secret to tell you. It’s not the kind of wealth you’re probably assuming. 

You see, wealth is a tricky little word. What is the true meaning of being rich anyways? In the dictionary (lets be real here- the Google search) the word wealth is defined as an abundance of valuable possessions or money, the state of being rich; material prosperity, and plentiful supplies of a particular resource. 

Seems super materialistic – or does it?

I'm rich

Typically when I hear the term wealth, I tend to think money. But lets be honest, financial wealth is so overrated. Financial wealth can really only make you physically wealthy with things, and things cannot buy you inner peace and happiness. I personally find that more and more things actually stress me out.

So let me tell you about my wealth. It’s way beyond money.

I truly believe having less makes us more appreciative and more content. In my opinion, wealth is so much more than money and finances. It took some deep thinking to finally get past the financial burden of the word wealth and to really dig down to the true meaning. What if we viewed wealth as a different kind of currency? For me, it is family and good health.

I'm rich with family

My personal wealth is acquired through love for my family. I have 4 kids {a plentiful supply, HAHAHAHA}, making me sooooo wealthy. As moms, the love we have for our kids and the love we receive in return makes us all beyond rich! Richer than we even realize and understand. The love and affection that we get from our kids is definitely in plentiful supply. Think about it. All of those hugs and kisses, the constant, “Mommy look at me”….following us everywhere…all those little gestures of love!

They are only little once, so I am soaking in the love currency flowing my way.

Health is the new wealth

Good health is such a blessing denied to many. Grateful is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about good health for myself, my husband and our kids. Those of us who are blessed with good health may often not prioritize good health in the wealth category. But we should. We are lucky. 

It’s all about perspective

And not to get all churchy on you, but my pastor recently said that “Discontentment makes a rich man poor and contentment makes a poor man rich”. PROFOUND words. If we think we are rich and if we are grateful for the blessings we actually have, then we are beyond wealthy. It is all in our perspective and our thoughts. 

So ya… I consider myself rich. Loaded actually!


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