Summer is upon us and I’m already anticipating the hot humid days ahead. Although I grew up in Texas, you would think I’d be used to the heat, but I seriously dread it. To me there’s nothing fun about sweating as soon as you step outside your door, always worrying about sunscreen, making sure everyone is hydrated…it’s utterly exhausting.

We spend a lot of time outdoors going to the theme parks, the beach, and different festivals. But there are some days, especially during the summer, you just want to do fun activities indoors. Yes, you can do crafts and DIY projects at home, but why not head over to an in-store event? They have great ideas, they provide most of the supplies and the best thing is, you don’t make a mess in your own home. 

This past winter season my daughter and I started going to free classes Michael’s offers every Saturday afternoon.  Our first project was an Elf shirt for Christmas. All you had to do was purchase the shirt (which was on sale) and everything else was provided for you. She and I had a blast! We were learning how to do something together, which made her so happy. The more we started attending these classes, the more I realized it was a little hidden gem that not too many people were taking advantage of. The class became part of our Saturday routine. We’d go to Soccer and then head over to Michael’s for a few hours.  

It got me thinking, this would be a perfect summer activity. Not only was it great bonding for her and I, it was also a way for her to follow instructions, be creative and communicate with others.

Here’s where to find classes for local IN-STORE SUMMER FUN!


To find the schedule for classes at Michael’s click  here.


If you want something a little more advanced you can find Joann Fabrics in store classes here.


Home Depot has some great DIY classes for everyone in the family. Click here for their schedule. 


Orchard Supply Hardware also has events listed on their page. Click here for details.


Lowe’s has a children’s corner site that lets you know which clinics are available on Saturdays at 10am. Click here for information. 

Most of these events are listed on Facebook making it easy to put them on your calendars.

If you know of any stores or businesses offering DIY kid friendly classes, let us know!



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