I’m so thrilled to announce the launch of the OMC Book Club, an online community where moms connect through reading, sharing, and growing — together. Our community members will be guided through reading a book with thought-provoking weekly topics to discuss and share with each other. Our mission is to curate a positive community for moms who feel that deep desire for connection with others, and to encourage thoughtful discussion that weaves our unique experiences together, creating a strong, supportive community as we all navigate through motherhood.

The OMC Book Club will officially launch on Monday, February 15th!

Intrigued? Read on to learn more!

Repeat after me: moms have time to read. 

If you rolled your eyes at that, don’t worry — I used to, as well. But now it’s a core belief of mine and part of the inspiration for OMC starting a community book club. My first couple years of motherhood, I operated under the assumption that, since I was a mom, all of my personal needs went to the wayside and I had no time to do anything for myself. As a result, I developed a deep sense of loneliness and alienation – and ended up developing an addiction to scrolling on my phone and consuming mindless content. I knew I felt unbalanced, yet it took some time for me to realize that motherhood doesn’t mean giving up your sense of self. I also realized that suppressing my need for growth and stimulation was the cause of my off-kilter feeling. I started to take little pockets of time each day to do things that were only for me, and I started to feel whole and human again.

The OMC Book Club is an opportunity for moms not only to connect with a community of other moms, it’s a chance to reconnect with yourself by doing something just for you.

Nervous about joining a book club? I’ve got you! We’ll work through books at a reasonable pace and I’ll guide you the whole way. Whether you’re an avid reader or you’re someone who hasn’t picked up a book since high school, the OMC Book Club is a place for all mom kind.

Here’s how to get involved!

1. Join the OMC Book Club Facebook group.

This is where it’ll all happen! I’ll post the weekly reading selection, along with the discussion question. Midweek, I’ll post again, sharing my own reflection and encouraging club members to share their own reflections, as well. We’ll also be sharing other special opportunities to share and connect here, such as monthly Zoom book club get-togethers.

Click on this link to join the OMC Book Club FB group!

2. Get the book.

This is a pretty important part of the book club experience, of course! For each book selection, you’re welcome to choose any format in which it’s available: traditional hardcover or paperback, audiobook, or an e-format, such as the Kindle version. It’s up to you, but having a copy of the book is essential so that you can participate in the reading and discussions.

(Wondering what the first book pick will be? More on that below!)

3. Read and share!

This is the best part! Of course, it’s not required that you share your thoughts on each discussion topic — some questions might speak to you more than others, and that’s totally normal — but the discussion is the heart of a book club and I hope as many people as possible share and discuss different topics. Remember, your unique views and experiences are invaluable to any group discussion because you’re the only one who has your one-of-a-kind story!

4. Follow the community guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all.

Of course, and as always, OMC cares deeply about its community, and therefore all book club members should always be respectful to others and their opinions. Let’s work together to form a strong, supportive environment for all moms and celebrate our similarities and differences.


That’s it! Simple, right? Follow these steps and you’ll be a part of a growing community of women all navigating through motherhood together while also satisfying a deep desire for growth and connection.

February’s Book Club Selection

I am so excited to share with you our first book club pick: Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First.: 10 Questions to Take Your Friendships to the Next Level by Laura Tremaine

This book is brand new and is available for purchase on February 2, 2021, but you can also pre-order it if you’re too excited to wait (like I did!). I’m so excited about this book pick because it’s literally geared toward sharing our experiences and connecting in more effective ways to make stronger friendships with others!


No worries! I’ll be on the OMC Instagram page today talking all things book club and answering any questions you may have.

I am thrilled to be a part of a vibrant community of moms, all wanting to read, learn and grow together. Can’t wait for the official launch of the OMC Book Club on Monday, February 15th!

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