Joining Hard Exercise Works


When I Considered Joining A Gym

After having my daughter, I struggled with focusing on health and fitness. My eating habits were out of whack. I had zero motivation to exercise. My diet consisted of things like coffee, pop-tarts and cheese sticks. I pretty much ate like a Gilmore Girl. Those first few years I was learning how to get into the swing of being a mom and going to college. Most of my time and energy went into assignments and extra attention my daughter needed. I wanted to improve in the health and fitness area but felt so far gone. There is so much newness to adjust to when becoming a first time mom. Not only that, being a mom in general requires so much attention from you no matter how old your kids are and how many you have.

I was interested in a boot camp type gym, but thought how would I even fit this into my life? HEW (Hard Exercise Works) caught my eye because it was exactly what I’ve been looking for. I wouldn’t have know if I could fit some gym time in if I didn’t at least give it a try, so I did. I got to a point where I had to want it for myself. I didn’t need it for only the purpose of improving health and fitness, but for my own sanity as well. 

What I Found Out When I Got To HEW

Give Yourself Grace. 

The first time I walked into HEW the coaches and owner were super friendly. When I did my first work out I felt discouraged because I was nowhere near being in the same shape I was before having a baby. I was apart of a boot camp style gym pre-pregnancy. I could have given up on myself, but instead  choose to give myself grace. The coaches and owner guided me along every step of the way and encouraged me to go at my own pace. What I found out was it’s not just a gym to come workout, but a community of people building each other up and supporting one another. They meet you where you are at. While being here I have been able to get an InBody Test, which keeps track of my body composition, muscle-fat and segmental lean analysis’s. I’ve also learned of healthy eating options that are actually enjoyable.

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You don’t have to go everyday!

When I would think of being apart of a gym I’d feel this pressure that I had to go every single day of the week. That’s why I wasn’t sure how I’d fit the gym into my life. But after talking with the owner she helped take that pressure off I was putting on myself to be able to do what I could do before having my daughter. It was such a relief when she encouraged me that it’s okay if I can only come 3-4 days out of a week. It’s better that I’m doing that than not doing it at all. If anything the days that I go has been a great mama getaway. If you do have to bring a child along there is a fun closed off section for the kiddos with a TV and toys. 

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What Makes HEW Unique

I find HEW to be a very unique atmosphere. When you come, the workouts are changed up every time. They go over every warm up and workout before getting started. The environment is also always very clean organized. They treat you like someone who matters and not just a member walking in. They ask you about your goals and when you reach them, they celebrate with you. At the end of each workout they ask a question of the day during cool down. It’s a fun way for everyone to connected and get to know each other better. I’m so glad I gave it a chance. Ever since joining I’ve felt healthier, stronger and have meet some awesome people! If you want to check out HEW for yourself the first class is FREE! I know what it’s like to feel hesitant about getting back into something or even starting something new. But what I’ve learned is, you never know till you give something a try.

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You are stronger than you think!

One last thing, no matter how far gone you may feel you are stronger than you think.  It’s one step at a time and takes a whole lot of giving yourself grace along the way. 


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