Traveling with young children can be a hassle, especially when it comes to flying. Between our luggage, the stroller, our “travel bag” with snacks, lovies, wipes etc., and keeping track of the kids- we all know that lugging around a car seat or two just adds to the frustration.
Kidmoto- making traveling with kids easier
Orlando Mom has found the perfect solution to making traveling with young kids easier!
In the past, lugging the carseats was always a necessity, but now there is a car service (similar to Uber and Lyft) but WITH pre installed child car seats- making traveling with young kids easier by not having to take the car seats!!!

Kidmoto is our new favorite travel hack! Kidmoto provides a car transportation service with industry leading car seats. Their drivers are trained by professionally qualified car seat technicians and their Kidmoto App is the much needed solution to the problem of safe family airport transportation.

Why we are loving Kidmoto

COVID Safety

  • Their drivers wear face masks, which cover their mouth and nose at all times, in order to prevent risks of spreading COVID-19.
  • They practice routine cleaning and disinfection of their door handles, various internal surfaces such as seats and seatbelts, by using cleaning solutions approved by the Environmental Protection Agency which are known to sterilize the coronavirus.
  • They lower their vehicle windows, as necessary, to allow the adequate ventilation of air.

Child Friendly

  • Choice of vehicle sedan, SUV, or mini van.
  • Safe, clean and convenient airport travel for you and your children.
  • Drivers offer 1 – 4 car seats in selected vehicles.
  • If you have three or more children and have preferred car seat placements, they will do everything they can to accommodate all specific requests.

Expert Car Seat Installation

  • Kidmoto drivers are trained to harness and install convertible child car seats for infants at 5 pounds to larger children up to 70 and above.
  • There are no loose straps or wiggly seats that compromise safety.

Easy to Use Mobile App

  • The Kidmoto App is available globally, extremely easy to use and user-friendly.

Clean Car Seats

  • They specialize in children car seats and the car seats are all clean and well maintained.

Convenient Travel Experience

  • 24×7 service!
  • Traveling with children is very hard and carrying an extra car seat is an extra burden. Kidmoto solves that problem as an affordable alternative to dragging a car seat everywhere!

Real Time Connectivity

  • The Kidmoto App is available globally, well tested and operates flawlessly.
  • Service is available in 21 cities throughout the US.
  • Airport pickups are tracked for delays or early arrivals.

You can see a full list of Kidmoto destinations here.


Kidmoto- making traveling with kids easier

Kidmoto is the leading kid-friendly transportation company providing installed car seats for infants and small children, making traveling with young kids easier for the parents.

Moms, with Kidmoto, you can book that flight, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride knowing you have age-appropriate and secure travel transportation for your little ones!

Kidmoto- making traveling with kids easierHave you ever tried Kidmoto? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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