Are you traveling soon? No matter if you’re visiting Mickey or vacationing elsewhere, your journey could be relaxing from the moment you leave your home, to the time you arrive at the airport, and back home again. Imagine being able to leave your car seats at home, freeing up your hands to take care of your most precious cargo!

Introducing Kidmoto, a child-friendly transportation service which provides a child-safe ride with the certainty of professionally installed car seats by trained drivers.

If only…

If only I had learned about Kidmoto last year, when our family of five traveled to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. It was a complete disaster! Caroline was only a few months old, Myles was not quite two and Macey was six (going on sixteen).

When traveling with three children who were ALL in car seats, the stress started long before we stepped on the plane. We drove ourselves to the airport, unloaded everything at the drop off area, and my husband left me alone with three kids, three car seats, three suitcases, five jackets and four backpacks while he parked the car.

I was completely panic-stricken realizing that I barely had enough arms for all my children, let alone their car seats and bags. I can only imagine the show we put on for all our fellow travelers as we herded the children (as successfully as one might herd cats), checked in our luggage, covered our car seats with bags before finally proceeding to security. Ridding myself of those bulky car seats was an instant relief, until we landed and had to do it all over again. This time standing in the freezing cold while we safely and securely installed each car seat. When it was time to return home, we once again repeated the process while tensions were even higher due to everyone waiting in the Florida heat, ready to be in their own beds.

Kids’ Transportation​ Just Got Better​!

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Kidmoto! This app-style car service is brilliant!

So how does Kidmoto work?

First, you download the Kidmoto App and put in your travel information. Then, you enter each one of your child’s car seat specifications (weight and forward/rear facing or booster). The Kidmoto app connects you to a network of professionally trained drivers who provide secured child car seats for safe transportation! 

We were given a behind the scenes look at a few of the vehicles that make up their fleet. Y’all, your vacation will begin the moment you step into one of Kidmoto’s luxury vehicles. They include SUVs, gorgeous stretch limos, and I kid you not… a Tesla (which my children lovingly nicknamed the self-driving “Bat Mobile”)!

I cannot express enough how amazing, kind and patient each driver was. The vehicles were spacious and clean; the high-end car seats were perfect and everything I had hoped for. 

The Kidmoto App is extremely easy to use and is available in major cities, so you can benefit from Kidmoto anywhere from your hometown to your travel destination. And the customer service… the customer service is why I will be a lifetime customer.

Thank you KIDMOTO for putting anxious hearts (like mine) at ease while traveling with littles!

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  1. Very nice article and I am glad to know such a service exist. I now don’t need to worry about the safety while traveling to Disney.

  2. Have a situation where the mom is sick and my grandson may need a ride to and from school
    Apopka Vineland rd to 436 in winter park casselberry area. Approximately 45 minute ride one way.


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