Seems that living in Orlando, it’s almost a requirement to have a season pass to some amusement park. Peer pressure because everyone is doing it. Choosing which park is a family / personal preference. For our family, we have SeaWorld and Legoland passes. SeaWorld is local to us, cost effective, beautiful, and helps support the animal rescues and research.
But Legoland is my favorite.
I’m a legomaniac! Have been since I got my first set when I was 9; the Galaxy Voyager spaceship (angels singing aaaahhhhhhhhh).
Now that I’m a grown up, I’m so happy to be able to share my love of building blocks with my kids. With buying passes, it takes time to wait for the best offers but totally worth it. For us, we usually go on Fridays or Sundays, so the few black out dates on the Silver pass wasn’t a problem to us. And since we have SeaWorld with Aquatica passes, going up to a gold Lego pass wasn’t worth it for our family.

Let me tell you about a typical visit to Legoland:

8/8:15 – leave home
9:45 – parking lot
10:00am – Park opens
Grab a map. Whether you are there for a special event or not, a map will list character meeting spots and times, show times, food locations, and of course bathrooms. Take a few minutes to plan your day so you don’t feel like you’ve missed out on anything. My suggestion, enjoy the first couple builds when you first walk in and walk the main path up to the merry-go-round. There’s a play area called Rebuild the World. Kids can build stuff while you enjoy the air-conditioning to plan the rest of the day. I usually look at character greets and shows and find the best trail around, then fill in with rides and other activities. Here’s what my schedule usually looks like.
10:00 – Park opens
Walk the main path, take some pics, let the kids run, use the potty, and get a snack.
10:30 – Rebuild the World
Analyze the map locations with times and number everything we want to see and do.
11:00 – Show in Fun Town Theater
11:30 – MiniTown USA scavenger hunt
12:00 – Character meet
12:15 – Character meet
1:00 – Lunch (we pack a lunch and snacks for the day and usually eat either near the Cypress Gardens or Pirates Cove.)
2:00 – Building stations
2:30 – Duplo Valley
3:00 – Character meet
3:15 – Character meet
3:30 – Lego Movie World, rides, play, character meet
430 – Car rides
5:00 – Ninjago ride
5:30 – Land of Adventure rides and play
6:00 – Shopping
Besides just LEGO itself, I love this park. It’s so pretty and the path was well designed to allow you to easily travel from one zone to another. There’s even a large area that was saved from the historic Cypress Gardens that includes a giant Banyan tree planted as a seedling in 1939. One of the most recent features that I’m loving is they installed a huge tent like canopy over MiniTown USA so no more being burned by the sun looking for all the hidden pieces. Definitely a wonderful family friendly place to visit.

Have you been to Legoland? What is your favorite part?


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