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Last year while driving past Renninger’s Antique Market, I noticed advertisement for “Steampunk Industrial Show”.  Not really sure what it was, but just assumed it to be industrial antique show – steam machines, pumps, engines etc.

My boys are into gadgets, machines, and tinkering with engines, plus I am always on the look out for hands-on opportunities and activities – this could be fun and learn something in the process.

The Airship Diamler  is so incredible {Source}

As we walked up to the event, we were greeted by this quirky amazing boat. My boys were so excited. They began to examine all the elements – yes, it does run in the water.

man and machingI quickly realized this was so MUCH MORE than industrial machines. It grabbed my sons’ imaginations and their minds were a whirl.

So what is Steampunk?

If you have never heard of Steampunk, here is a way of looking at it.

steam collage 500There are fans of time periods and science fiction genres. They dress in costumes and reenact or celebrate that historical period. The enthusiasts get as close to authentic as possible. I have an uncle who is an attendee at Civil War reenactments, we have attended Medieval Fairs and the Orlando Star Wars convention – experiencing the 501 Legion. The costumes and makeup are always amazing.

steampunk (noun)

    1. Science fiction set in an alternate version of the historic past, especially 19th-century England, and involving advanced technologies usually based on steam power. 2. An aesthetic style inspired by steampunk fiction.

Disney’s Hullabaloo A Steampunk Adventure

I would describe it as romantic industrial, which is Victorian inspired attire with an Industrial edge. Think corsets, ruffled collars, top-hats, aviator goggles, and clockwork.

around-the-world-in-80-days-1-728 The genre of  Jules VernAround the World In 80 Days, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

inspirationRenningers_Steam_Punk_Industrial_Show_2014_2I was blown away by all the really cool jewelry pieces, hats, and creative gadget.

steampunk creativeTake a look closely at these gun props. The young man created his out of PVC pipes and other miscellaneous items.  The set of guns are…Nerf and Super Soakers! They have all been repainted and glued on scrap gadgets to add character. Imagine what is sitting around the house that could make something really cool.

zach retro shooters

Zach Post refubished water gunsMy son, Zach, was inspired by the whole retro concepts. He was able to take the concept and make it into a business.  These are under $3.00 water guns. He figured out the painting technique and sells them for over $10.00 each.

creative gears Steampunk Industrial Show at Renningers, really got my children’s creative gears moving.  It took the concept of “thinking-out-of-the-box” to a different level.  Now they look at items so differently and ask “what else could it be?”.  This world needs more dreamer, imagineers, and those who are willing to try something in a different way.

Renninger  has two Steampunk Industrial Shows a year – October & January.  The next show  is October 17th & 18th, 2015. Admission is FREE!
Here are some other resources on Steampunk.
Disney Upcoming movie Hullabaloo:


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