I’ve been on the verge of tears for a few weeks now with several times of them overflowing. It could have something to do with being pregnant, but the real factor behind the waterworks is my first child is wrapping up VPK. It’s a bittersweet time of year, one foot almost out of preschool, the other ready to march through to Kindergarten waiting on the other side of summer.

5 ways I am coping with having a Kindergartner:

1. Preschool photos 

I’ve been looking around the preschool/classroom for any last photos I should take — a friend who hasn’t been photographed with her yet, her cubby, or a bulletin board with her project on it.

2. Her first Yearbook

I’m making my daughter her own yearbook via Shutterfly to remember her last year of preschool. I want to include her graduation ceremony so I plan on getting some nice paper for her teachers to write a note on that I can stick into the book when I’ve completed it (or even scan /photograph and put into the book).

3. Stay in touch!

I’ve been connecting with parents, gathering info on where her friends will be attending school next year and  trying to set up summer playdates.

4. Summer “Homework”

We attended our Kindergarten roundup so she has seen the school, but I am keeping her involved over the summer with practicing sight words, picking out supplies and clothes, and overall getting her excited for Kindergarten. I am also creating a Kindergarten Countdown Chain to get her excited for the first day!

5. Savoring Special Moments

I have already scheduled a few Mommy/Daughter dates for summer where she can get some one-on-one attention before she is in school 30+ hours a week.  I will savor these special moments with her whether it’s a trip to the mall, heading for ice cream or a half-day at Disney.

I thought VPK would be a good transition for not only her, but me as well with her at school 15 hours a week. In reality, I don’t think it ever gets Mamas ready for these big educational milestones! So moms with littles heading to Kindergarten next year, I feel you and I will have extra tissues in my purse to share. I’ll see you at the Welcome to School/Boo-hoo Breakfast in August.

Is your child heading off to Kindergarten next year or another milestone grade? How are you coping?


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