We’ve all been there.  You’re sitting at the breakfast table and your toddler says something so funny that you almost spit your coffee out of your mouth because you are dying laughing at what that tiny person just came up with in their amazing little mind.  You call your significant other to share the hilarious story, text your mom the same thing and then think to yourself, “I really should write that down!”  But you don’t.

Well, after having one of those moments the other morning I sat down and Googled “apps to keep track of what your kids say”… and my new favorite thing popped up.  Little Hoots.

little hoots

As with all kiddos, my 3 year old is hysterical.  He’s literally the funniest kid I know and I am sooooo excited that I can now document and keep track of all of my favorite “Everett-isms”.  Little Hoots makes it so easy to create, save and share single quotes and conversations between you and your little ones.

This was the comment that sparked it all:

I was dying. I knew after my son said this that I had to find a way to keep these quotes safe. I never want to forget these little insights into his thinking.


The fun colors and cool graphics that Little Hoots offer just make the quotes come alive so much more than just documenting in a generic notepad app.  The app is free, however there are a few in-app purchases including graphic design packs and a keepsake store if you choose to add-on to what is included in the original download (which is great in itself).




The app itself works kind of like an Instagram account in that you can see your own “feed” of quotes, however there is also an option to save to your camera roll and your creations will save like a regular picture that you can then share or save with just a few clicks.  I am so excited that in this virtual world, my kiddos will have an up to date virtual scrapbook.  Thanks Little Hoots!




You can also follow @littlehootsapp on IG or Facebook and see what other kiddos are saying.  It’s hilarious and an automatic day-brightener.  Check it out!








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