Ma Amour Gifting


Based on my Ma Amour this month, I’m slightly obsessed with gift giving, but each can be given with the click of a button at the very last minute! Below are just a few of my favorite things, just in time for – last minute – gifting!


Elfster makes it almost too easy to set up a gift exchange, make a list and check it twice, and then shop without ever leaving the site! Ma Amour! And don’t let the name fool you; it isn’t just for Santa and his elves, but all occasions and shoppers can benefit from this gift exchange site.

This mom LOVES wine and I know I’m not alone! Although I dream of drinking fine wines to help ease the stress of my chaotic days, my budget simply won’t permit it. Thankfully, the fab folks at Vinebox have created a subscription service providing higher-end wines by the glass!  Mommy Juice upgraded and sent in a special little box once a month? Say it with me, “Ma Amour!”


Koala Crate is a fun and educational subscription service for toddlers. For $13-$17 a month it offers hands-on educational toys and crafts for preschoolers.  A sample color crate offered color mixing with transparency sheets, a color scavenger hunt with fuzzy dice, and crayons and watercolors for an included art project. Get it or Gift it!

Koala Crate
Koala Crate

As I’m becoming more confident in the kitchen I want to share the experience with my kids, but I don’t always have the creative drive do it. Enter Foodstirs! Co-founded by Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar), it “offers convenient, delicious and healthier ways to bring families together in the kitchen.” Single kits start at $19.95 or you can opt to join the club and receive monthly shipments. And how convenient, you can purchase the club membership as a gift.foodstirs

Unicorns and coloring for stress relief seem to be all the rage these days. So put them both together and you get: Unicorns Are Jerks: a coloring book exposing the cold, hard, sparkly truth. Given my daughter is slightly obsessed with one “magical” unicorn – that based on the price better poop diamonds – I’m considering gifting this coloring book to myself! Delivered by drone in a day. #amazonprimeismybestie





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