Ma Amour, Mother’s Day Edition


Mother’s Day. The day when moms everywhere feel the love. 

If you were to name some of your favorite things…the things you LOVE, what would you come up with? With Mother’s Day coming up, it got me thinking about all the things I’m loving right now. And so, Ma Amour (Mom Love) was born, highlighting what this mama is loving right now (and it is not all mommy-related stuff!).



I don’t claim to have a stylish or sophisticated bone in my body, so I was absolutely blown away by how much I adore Ivanka’s new site.  Touted as a “Destination for Women Who Work,” the site highlights working moms, provides fashion and beauty tips, as well as practical approaches to succeeding in the workplace (and life!). It is refreshingly real and (surprisingly) practical for a woman who comes from the anti-thesis of a “normal” life.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconutoil3There may be someone out there who has yet to hear about this amazing multitasker, so let me introduce you. There is no shortage of uses for coconut oil –  Cooking. Skincare. Pet care. Cleaning. Baby care. Health care – This oil does it all and can be purchased in large amounts and portioned in handy little containers ready to grab at any place in your home at any given moment. Not that I’m obsessed or anything.


3. Think Dirty App

think-dirty-hed-2013When you run out of coconut oil, or the idea of putting oil on your face makes you cringe, use the Think Dirty App to find skincare products with minimal toxins. The app’s tagline says it all: Think dirty. Shop clean. This app has revolutionized how I purchase beauty and skincare products.


4. Frozen Thriller

Bringing different generations of entertainment icons together means bringing families together. While my toddlers love Frozen and Michael Jackson separately, they love them even more when they’re combined… and I bet you’ll be thrilled too!


5. Stuffed Avocados

Image from Ali in the Valley!
Image from Ali in the Valley!

This is simply mind blowing, mouthwatering and “OMG” inducing.  I heart avocados and relish – see that? – the opportunity to include them in any and all meals. This makes avocados the main ingredient, the vehicle for serving, and perhaps the reason they’ll be a shortage of avocados! Slightly obsessed…


These are some of my latest Ma Amours – Mom Loves, and trust me, there will be more! How about you? What’s your latest Ma Amour?




  1. Karrie – what are some of your favorite specific uses for coconut oil? I just purchased some last week! Elizabeth

    • Hi Elizabeth! I so, so love coconut oil!! I use it as a creamer in my coffee (blended in hot coffee it is like cream!), on my skin – especially my feet – as a lotion, on my sun spots to help them fade, on my pup to help with his dry patches, conditioner for my hair and of course, cooking! 🙂 Here is a great list of uses from Wellness Mama:

      Enjoy! K


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