Ma Amour, volume 3


So, I’m one of those people who’s never really been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. It isn’t related to any personal or childhood experiences and it isn’t because I’m not a hopeless romantic. No, I’ve just always seen it as a commercial vehicle, a Hallmark Holiday. And now, as a mom, I see it as one more excuse for my kids to get hopped up on sugar and challenge my ever loving mind!

One thing I can tell you, is that regardless of the day, there are many things this Ma Amours… here’s what I’m loving right now…


Goldie Blox Zip Lining into my heart.
Goldie Blox Zip Lining into my heart.

Goldie Blox – Over the holidays I kept seeing references to this doll. I saw her on a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and she kept popping up on my social media feed. I wondered if she was a cartoon or even a reality star the commercial powers-that-be turned into a doll. Then, as I was frantically looking for a toy my daughter might actually be thrilled to see under the Christmas tree, there she was, zip lining in a bright yellow package. As soon as I grabbed the box and read the details, I was not only sold, I was fired up! Here was a doll that moved beyond the pretty, pink and perfect. She was that girl on the A-Team I always wanted to be on the playground; the female MacGyver! The concept is simple: girls have brains, not just beauty. The CEO, Debbie Sterling, is a Mechanical Engineering who wanted a toy for girls that got them building and interested in engineering (an industry dominated by males). My four-year-old daughter loved following the instruction book to build the zip line and then giggled with glee repeatedly – endlessly! – as she let Goldie Blox zip line through our living room. A doll my daughter not only plays with but learns from? Ma Amour!

Sample, unfiltered posts from WomenIRL.
Sample, unfiltered posts I heart from WomenIRL.

WomenIRL (Women In Real Life) – Real Simple is truly a Ma Amour… when I get to read it! Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I had the luxury of just reading a magazine uninterrupted or without having several pages missing or maimed (toddlers LOVE shiny magazine pages!). So imagine my delight when I stumbled across and Instagram account associated with the magazine and focused on Women In Real Life. Everyone’s got time for social media scrolling, right? The snarky, relatable posts bring a smirk or even an LOL to my day. Plus, you can easily contribute to the fun by adding #womenirl to your own posts.

Girls on the Run has run away with my heart!
Girls on the Run has run away with my heart!

Girls on the Run – I’m a runner. I am that crazy friend who gets up at 4:40 am two to three times a week to meet my running club. Running brings me so much release, so much empowerment. It literally makes me feel like I can fly. So when I learned about Girls on the Run, a program focused on empowering school aged girls through running, I was determined to become a coach. During the program, each lesson encourages girls to see their own strengths, embrace their uniqueness and follow their dreams, all while building their fitness through running. In the end, they complete a 5k race. Girl power through running? Sign me up!

La Croix – I remember being introduced to “gas” or “no gas” water during my epic backpacking tour of Europe. At the time I thought gas aptly defined what I thought of water with bubbles: gross!  Now, 20 years later I’m addicted to “gas” water or sparkling water; specifically, La Croix. Just last year I lamented my need to buy bottled water, calling myself wasteful and environmentally unkind. And now, here I am buying boxes upon boxes of canned water! I have no excuse other than water got boring and this alternative gives me all the feels! It sparkles in my mouth and it is soda without the sugar. You can mix it with wine for a light and lovely spritzer. You can add fruit for a virgin cocktail. You can pour it over your head and bath in it… addicted. Absolutely, addicted! Ma Amour!!

Oh yes, La Croix, I'll be your Valentine!
Oh yes, La Croix, I’ll be your Valentine!



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