Magic Lollipop Flowers


Here is an easy and fun craft, which I am sure you will agree is truly magical – Magic Lollipop Flowers! 

Magic Lollipop Flowers

  • Small package of jelly beans (any flavor/colors)
  • Handful of lollipops (any flavor/colors)
  • Wilton Lollipop Sticks (available at most craft stores)

Gather a few of your favorite jelly beans and head out to the yard just before dark (optimal picture time, *wink*). Let your child sprinkle the jelly beans in the grass. Tell them they are seeds for the Easter Bunny to grow magic lollipops for when he comes to visit that night.

Plant the "seeds"
Plant the “seeds”

After your child is asleep, head back outside and “plant” the lollipops in the yard, making sure the jelly beans are no longer visible. In the morning they’ll be amazed to see the “sprouted” lollipops.

best Easter craft ever...
best Easter craft ever…

Tape lollipops around one end of each Lollipop Stick to create colorful “flowers” that will stand up tall even amid flower beds, decorative grasses or shrubbery. I like the look of bundling three smaller lollipops onto each stick, but you can use more or less for variety – or even use different kinds of lollipops!

Feel free to get creative and have fun with it! My favorite moments are the little gasps the kiddos make when they first see what magic has occurred overnight, and the look of wonder on their faces. Truly priceless!

best Easter craft ever...
best Easter craft ever…


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