Make Beautiful Cards with Printed or Decorative Paper


If you love a simple and fun DIY, then you’ll love how simple it is to make beautiful cards with printed or decorative paper.

Complementary designs or themed paper are sold in bundles or chunks of paper and the majority of them are double-sided, with matching colors and designs on both sides. This makes a DIY project like this more affordable fi you are working with a budget.

Enabling the papers does the work and saves you a lot of time because it’s so simple to put the cards together. You do not even have to be adept to enjoy this – it’s ideal for craft activity beginners!

Let’s have a look at a few simple textured paper card crafting ideas……

Create Backgrounds

Create a beautiful background layer for your card body with your printed card or paper. Simple to make yet oh-so-elegant!

On a piece of paper or a cutout shape like a ring or rectangle, stamp a greeting. Likewise, cut a letter die in a different color and adhere it to the patterned paper for card making

Make Strips

Add decorative paper strips/blocks up or down over your card. For more special effects, vary the number of strips from one to two or three.

You can also opt for some patterned design throughout or mix and match for a more unique look. If you’re mixing patterned papers, make sure they’re all in the same package so everything matches.

Add a Set of Small Images Stamps

Search for sets with little images when you’re going through your stamp library. People often prefer to mix and match stamps of various sizes. This helps to avoid having a bunch of weird “white spaces” sprinkled throughout your pattern.

Potentially, midsize or even larger stamps could be used. The larger the stamp, though, the more difficult it is to make any form of design. Since each stamp uses up so much room, you won’t be able to fit many designs onto your sheet.

Create Banners

Banners made of printed paper look fantastic. Use a banner cutter or scissors to cut the required paper or card or even the banner

You can add different patterns by mixing different-sized posters. Make sure the patterns are varied in size so they don’t crash.

Use Scraps of Patterned Paper

Put all of your scraps of printed paper in a box until you’re ready to use them on your cards.

Here are some suggestions…

  • To make a statement or your poster to stand out, add a little strip of printed paper behind it.
  • Using as decorations, punch forms. Flowers, butterflies, stars, and hearts, for instance.
  • Make a mosaic of cards.
  • Make a postcard front by gluing scraps neatly.
  • Make gift tags.
  • Personalize the flaps of envelopes or bookmarks.
  • To adorn the inside of the postcards, add ribbons.
  • For rattling cards, make glitter with little punches.

Use a Variety of Ink Colors

The last thing is to use a variety of ink colors that coordinate with the colors of the postcard you’re working on or wish to make. These ink colors are readily available in the market & you can also order these online as per your choice. Buying online can be cheaper & affordable. 


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