Make School Supply Shopping a Breeze!


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School Supply Shopping

What if I told you that school supply shopping could be a breeze? It’s mind-blowing to even think, right? For most of us, school supply shopping creates anxiety and the fear that we will need to mortgage our home in order to purchase school supplies.

Worry no more! EPI (Educational Products Inc.) is literally a game-changer! EPI has been helping schools and parent groups with prepackaged school supplies since 1979 — and is the No. 1 provider in the nation. With EPI, you can avoid the hassle of school supply shopping and buy everything all at once online. SERIOUSLY! No more having to visit multiple stores to get all the items on your list!

Everyone Benefits with EPI School Supply Shopping


Parents save time and money on back-to-school shopping by avoiding the busy shopping crowds and saving up to 40% on supplies.


Teachers can focus on teaching more effectively when all students show up prepared with consistent tools to learn.

Schools & Parent Groups

Parents will appreciate their school and parent groups for providing this service. Plus, many groups use this as a fundraiser.

So how does it work, and how much does it cost?

Parent groups and schools are able to sign up to participate in the program and work with an EPI representative to finalize the list of items and brands for your grade level packs. EPI will work with you so that you have the best value for your needs. Packs can be as low as $15 to as much as $100, but, typically, they are $30-40.  If you’re interested in seeing how you can bring EPI to your school, you can click here to receive more information from their team!

Watch this short video to experience school supply shopping made easy!

Parents can buy packs on the EPI website (using their school’s unique ID) or offline from the school. Packs are created and shipped directly to the school for the start of the school year. Each pack comes wrapped and ready to go (like the one in my photo) for the first day! EPI even offers a school-year guarantee on all products; if an item is defective or doesn’t meet quality standards, they will replace it for free. Like I said, game-changer, right?

EPI Arts & Crafts Pack Sweepstakes

Who loves winning FREE stuff? (ME!) EPI has created a sweepstakes where you can win a grand prize of more than 100 arts and crafts supplies (valued at $250), or secondary prizes valued at $50, by signing up for more information about EPI! You can enter the sweepstakes now through March 31, 2020 by clicking here.

So don’t wait!

  1. Enter the Arts & Crafts Pack Sweepstakes TODAY!
  2. Tell your school PTA or your child’s teacher about EPI!
  3. And finally, order your child’s school supplies right away! Remove the Back-To-School stress and let EPI do the work for you!


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