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We have some really fun and quirky holidays coming up in March—and I don’t just mean the greenest day of all, St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th! We believe that every day should be a holiday, so we have put together a list of unofficial days of themes and appreciation so you can celebrate (almost) every day in March.

This month we celebrate everything from your own name (Learn What Your Name Means Day on the 5th) to puppies (Puppy Day on the 23rd). Teach the kids a little bit about Alexander Graham Bell on the 7th, and prepare to feel really old when they talk about those ancient cell phones that didn’t even have touchscreens. Share a story on the 20th, and whip some waffles on the 25th.

For Popcorn Lover’s Day on the 15th, try some of the Popcorn Junkie’s locally handcrafted popcorn. They offer gourmet flavors like Cha Cha Sriracha, 5-Alarm Buffalo, and—a favorite—Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt.

Check out the whole list of March holidays below, and you can even print it out (just click here or on the image to get the pdf).

Let us know how you celebrate March holidays this month in the comments!


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