May The Floss Be With You…Even In the Car Line


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I was a dental hygienist for close to twenty years and I loved every single day of it. I never met a tooth I didn’t love. It was the perfect career choice for me and my personality. I was on a schedule every day. I knew exactly how my day would go. It was VERY predictable. You know, the complete OPPOSITE of being a mother.

Some days I catch myself dreaming of holding a scaler in my hand scraping plaque and tartar off teeth in a very serene and peaceful environment…and then my toddler whips a sippy cup at my head snapping me back to reality. Front and center…and with a headache. Is it bedtime yet?? Can I have wine at 9:30am??

As we all know, motherhood is demanding. So much of our day is spent trying to find balance with our unpredictable schedules. Balance between taking care of the family and taking care of us. Throw in a traveling husband and a sick kid and you just want to wave the white flag. But we don’t…because we ARE mothers. We take care of our families. We sacrifice for our families and then we sacrifice some more. It’s what we do. Thank goodness for coffee, wine and BFFs!

Here’s an area where we NEED to make time in our crazy days to take care of ourselves…our smile!

The American Dental Association recommends adults brush their teeth two times a day, floss once a day and visit your dental hygienist at least two times a year for a professional cleaning.

Now, that being said and given my prior career…I have been awful at flossing. I’ve tried to implement it into my routine in the morning. Unsuccessful. I’ve tried to implement it into my evening routine. Again, unsuccessful. And I’m a dental hygienist!! This seemed so absurd to me that I could not find two minutes in my day to floss my teeth. There was always an excuse or a kid hanging on me…but not while I’m waiting in the car line!!

That’s right. I floss while I’m in the car line. Totally ridiculous, I know. But it fits my unpredictable life right now. It works and I’m taking care of me and my teeth!

February is Children’s National Dental Health Month and OMB Contributor, Heather, wrote a great post about it here. So dedicate 2016 to taking care of YOU…and that includes your teeth!

So here are 3 of my favorite gadgets to keep you (and your dental hygienist) smiling:

1. Flosser– any kind will do. Some have picks on the end, some have long toothbrush like handles and some are just a handle you wrap the floss around.


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2. Gumpicks– a great way to clean in between your teeth. These rubber bristles are safe around dental implants, bridges and crowns. And it feels like a mini massage on your gums. Try it! You’ll love it!


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3. Electric Toothbrushes– ahhhh. I would be lost without mine. There are so many great ones out there…Sonicare, Oral-B just to name a couple. And the majority have timers on them. That’s the key! We are supposed to brush for 2 minutes. When you brush tonight with a regular toothbrush, time yourself. I bet you only brush for about 30-45 seconds. If you start using an electric toothbrush for 2 minutes, 2 times a day…you will definitely shock your dental hygienist. I promise.

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May the FLOSS be with you!! How do you find time to floss your teeth??



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