Meet Amanda: Mompreneur + Health Advocate


Meet Amanda Sosa Stone, CEO of Grounding Roots, Organic Juice Bar and The Home Farm, a zero-waste health and beauty company.  Amanda is a homeschooling mom, wife, entrepreneur, and Lyme Disease warrior & Health Advocate. Her companies create products that support staying healthy and vibrant.  



Grounding Roots was founded in 2013, by Amanda and Jedidiah Stone. Born from the passion for a healthy family, Jedidiah started formulating recipes that his family and friends would benefit from. They turned this passion for helping others live a healthier lifestyle by serving nutrient-rich juices, food and healthy local products. The mission of Grounding Roots was and still is to help people live a healthier lifestyle by giving their bodies the best possible nutrition and to educate and motivate their customers to become their own health advocates.

Amanda believes fully in a purpose driven life…and feels called to her work. She also knows first hand you can get burnt out and need rest and is passionate about making sure people are taking care of themselves. As a child (a now 43 yr old GenXer) you could see her in front of the tube obsessed with Diane Keaton in Baby Boom (mompreneur 101) and taking notes from Oprah (soul work 101). She wanted it all, along with the work life balance. As Dr. Romie Mushtaq put it to Amanda years ago, “balance is a marketing gimmick that was sold to women in the 80’s.”. That finally gave the over-achiever permission to not be perfect and breathe.

But like many CEO and founders, Amanda’s life experience is what led her to where she is now. Having unknowingly been battling Lyme disease since the age of 15, she now knows the bumps in her journey are what shaped the next chapters. Amanda retired from being an executive to heal, while her husband ran the family juice bar. She became bed ridden for months and weeks on end and had lost hope, while losing precious moments with her children. She was devastated and felt robbed. During CoVid they decided to sell the business to focus on healing, the family and traveling. And that she did with lots of amazing juice as her foundation, bee venom therapy to balance her immune system and lots of rest. 

However, the story turned again, as the new owners couldn’t keep the juice bar going during CoVid, Amanda and Jedidiah took the business back not wanting to see their baby fail. Amanda was scared about losing her new found health and unsure how to make it work, but now she couldn’t be more grateful. Amanda is now healthy and a little wiser. She is working and now co-owns Grounding Roots and The Home Farm, with business partner Jared Mellick.

“Grounding Roots, my first company I co-founded with my husband, started out as a simple Organic Juice Bar and now we’ve grown into a Weekly Juice Delivery Subscription service. My husband put his all into the start of this business, with a dream to help me get healthy. After a 28 yr battle with Chronic Lyme, I am proud to say this company gave me the foundation to heal and now continues to help others in our community. I work hard to pay that love and healing forward!”                                                                              

Amanda’s newest company, a zero waste health & beauty company called The Home Farm. They make thoughtful body and home care products with simple, clean ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

“I fell in love with The Home Farm because there was a desire for clean products. After many years of battling and rebuilding my own health, using products that could compromise my hard work was not an option. The Home Farm filled that need of clean products I desired!

I first met Eren Tatari, the founder and loved her ethos, her family and the brand and its purpose. As the owner of Grounding Roots, I witnessed for over 3 years the excitement of our customers purchasing these The Home Farm products from our apothecary wall. 

Over a year ago the plan to sell the company was presented to me. I knew I wanted to continue the legacy and couldn’t imagine someone else taking it over and losing the company’s ethos. Over a year we talked and talked. We negotiated and planned! Eren prayed I’d buy it and I prayed to buy it. To have a founder rooting for you made the ability to share the vision even sweeter.” 

Today Amanda runs The Home Farm, with the same intention. Provide health and beauty products to customers who desire clean and simple ingredients that promote wellness, while keeping the ethos of a zero waste company at the forefront.

Health Advocacy is one of Amanda’s passions. After 20+ years of searching for answers, she has found the space to heal and regenerate her immune system. She has actively found ways to be her own health advocate and an innate ability to listen to her body. It’s her passion to share her knowledge, her passion and belief that everyone deserves to feel healthy and whole. Amanda will be speaking at our Women’s Wellness event about “How to be your Own Health Advocate”. Come and enjoy juice samples from Grounding Roots and The Home Farm will have amazing facial and oral care minikits in the swag bag.


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