I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been in my kitchen, cooking and cleaning 24/7.  These last few months during the COVID-19 quarantine, moms everywhere are hearing, “MOM… What’s for dinner?!”. Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, late-night snack… they just don’t stop eating! We’ve partnered together with Winn-Dixie to help make dinner time easy for you.

Winn-Dixie’s deli department is making mealtime simple with their ready-made hot meals and cold sides!

It’s easier when Winn-Dixie cooks

Ready-To-Go Meals

My family LOVES a backyard picnic, so Winn-Dixie’s Family Meal Deal is the perfect choice for an easy meal. Their Lip Lickin’ Chicken, deli ribs, dinner rolls and a huge assortment of sides means one less meal I have to cook for the week.

Upgrade A Meal

Another way to simplify mealtime is to add a protein to a Winn-Dixie side dish. Adding grilled shrimp to their Greek Feta Salad or grilled chicken to their Loaded Potato Salad, and you’ve got a meal that didn’t take hours to prepare!

One of my favorite meals is a meat and cheese charcuterie board. Winn-Dixie has an expansive selection of cheeses, deli meats, fruit, nuts, gourmet crackers and olives to choose from. There’s no cooking required and clean up is a breeze! This can easily turn into a date-night-in meal, paired with a glass of wine.

Prepared Sushi or Subs

Now that we are all homeschooling our kids, make lunchtime easier with prepared sushi or Winn-Dixie subs. You can create your own or sub or buy already prepared deli sandwiches. Don’t forget a side of mac-n-cheese!

Safety Measures

Winn-Dixie has taken many precautions to put safety first, especially in light of COVID-19. At their deli department, you can get all the same items typically on the self-serve hotline (olive bar, salad bar, etc.), but now behind the counter or in already prepared containers.

Winn-Dixie has installed Plexiglas partitions at all store registers, implemented social distancing measures all around the store, and they’ve modified their store hours to allow for restocking and additional sanitation procedures.

And finally, you can shop online, and your groceries will be delivered to your home!

Wouldn’t you agree? It’s easier when Winn-Dixie cooks!

Click here for more information about Winn-Dixie, weekly ads, store locations and hours!


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