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mothers day gift

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and there is no one more deserving of extra love and attention than moms!

We know that the moms in our lives wear lots of hats and are worthy of being spoiled and loved on this Mother’s Day with gifts, cards and mom time!
Here are Orlando Mom Collective’s favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas for mom!

Bloom Event Ticket

Treat mom to some time with friends at our 7th Annual Bloom Event: A Celebration of Motherhood

Bloom: A Celebration of Motherhood

Gold Huggie Earings

mothers day gift

These Aurate ultra-minimal dazzling Hinged Huggies are secure and a perfect fit. They come in a variety of solid gold sizes, made so you can find the one that’s not too big, not too small, but just right. With a curved ear wire that fits comfortably and securely, it’s a perfect fit for you.

Nordgreen Watch

mothers day gift

This Nordgreen Watch was designed by Danish designer, Jakob Wagner and offers a minimal and timeless look. The watch comes with interchangeable straps for versatility and in ethical packaging for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Reef Rain Aria Bracelets

Eryns Must Have Mother’s Day Gift

The 6 mm delicate sienna stack in cream has four bracelets that are handmade in their Melbourne Beach studio.

PYG Complete Body Workout

Eryn’s DREAM Mother’s Day Gift

3 Systems Pilates Tower that comes with Yoga Ropes, and a Gym Pulley System. It is portable and only weighs 5Lbs. Designed for stretching and strengthening.

BonJour Battery-Powered Cafe Latte Frother with Stand

Laurie’s Must Have Mother’s Day Gift

A more powerful, battery operated automatic frother that produces a rich, creamy froth in seconds! Perfect for cappuccinos, lattes and mochas; the blade design can even scramble eggs and mix dressings! This frother features a soft-touch push down button, grip and chrome stand; easy to use and convenient to store

Book of the Month Subscription

Laurie’s DREAM Mother’s Day Gift

Choose from a curated selection of the best new reads every month and get them delivered.

3 month, 6 month and annual subscriptions.

Physicians Formula Butter Dream Team Palette

Coppelia’s Must Have Mother’s Day Gift

Turn your complexion dreams into reality with the Butter Dream Team Palette featuring an assortment of six Butter formula bronzers, blushes, highlighters, and face powders from the experts at Physicians Formula. Lusciously creamy and formulated especially for sensitive skin. This face palette includes everything you need to achieve a gorgeous tropic glow. Bronzers, blush, highlighter, and face powder set in their luxuriously smooth butter blend seamlessly work together create the look of your tropical vacation dreams.

  • Nourishing + Moisturizing
  • Mineral Wear
  • Made for Sensitive Skin

Peter Pan Dooney & Bourke Handbag

Coppelia’s DREAM Mother’s Day Gift

Don’t leave for Never Land without this Dooney & Bourke handbag inspired by Walt Disney’s animated classic Peter Pan. The ageless, leather trimmed design provides room for all your daily essentials while the fanciful pattern is adapted from vintage storybook art.

Perfect Pot

Allison’s Must Have Mother’s Day Gift

Meet the pot that thought of everything and everyone.  We designed one (truly) perfect pot that combines every single pot and then some. Made with the same game-changing ingenuity that made the Always Pan a sellout, the Perfect Pot does everything from boiling to baking, crisping to steaming. Simply put, we reimagined what a pot can be, and it turns out, a pot can be perfect.

Freshly Picked Convertible Backpack

Allison’s DREAM Mother’s Day Gift

The Diaper Bag by Freshly Picked was designed for moms by moms. We conducted focus groups across the US and identified what moms really want in a diaper bag: large capacity, ease of use, durability, and style. We’ve addressed each of these areas to create the perfect diaper bag that is both functional and beautiful.

Spa Day

Lisa’s Must Have Mother’s Day Gift

The Spa has the massage Orlando loves most! Whether you’re seeking stress release or a specialized session to target sore muscles, our experienced massage therapists are trained to deliver the exact experience you need. After your relaxing massage, you’ll understand why The Spa was voted the Best Massage Orlando by both TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Family Photo Session

Lisa’s DREAM Mother’s Day Gift

A photography session! Moms are often not in the pictures so a family session or mom/child photo shoot can be super special.

iLive Portable Cordless Massage Gun

The ultimate Mother’s Day gift. With four intensity levels and interchangeable massage heads, a customizable massage is just a button away. Massages are perfect for relaxation, relieving sore muscles, getting rid of mom aches and pains, and more.

Sauna Blanket

Sauna blanket uses the latest far-infrared heating therapy to accelerate the body’s metabolism through the heating of its internal tissues, and meet all the needs of the body, such as relaxation, detoxification.

Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company

mothers day gift

Send Mom a sweet Mother’s Day gift that brings back the taste of homemade goodness straight from Grandma’s kitchen. Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company has taken a traditional 1950’s family crumb cake recipe and added a modern twist with innovative flavors, online ordering and direct delivery. Clarkson Avenue crumb cakes are moist and delicious, made with only the finest natural ingredients. Mom will love this special New York-style dessert, especially if you can share one with her over a cup of coffee.  Check out their online shop today, see what catches your eye and order a gift for Mother’s Day!  3, 6 and 12 month gift subscriptions are also available.

Love Letter Blanket

mothers day gift

Tell mom how much she is loved and appreciated by writing a heartfelt letter on a soft and cozy blanket. The original Love Letter Blanket from Frankie Print Co. is a thoughtful and personalized gift that offers comfort and coziness with a special meaning. Write out a letter to mom and have it printed on a woven blanket to create a gift she will love and cherish forever. Make it extra personal by using your own handwriting or keep it simple by using Frankie Print Co’s cursive handwriting font. The Love Letter Blanket is 100% cotton and comes in three sizes.

Mantra Mask Spa Kit

A little mini (uninterrupted) spa day at home can truly make the world of a difference. Mantra Mask just launched their Mother’s Day kit, a true two in one gift if you play your cards right.

The kit includes the following:

  • 1 CBD Pore Refining Mask
  • 1 CBD Anti-Aging Mask
  • 1 Repair Mask
  • 2 Coconut Eye Gels


ElliQ is the first proactive care robot that helps older adults (age 65+) live happier and healthier lives while retaining their independence at home. Unlike other digital assistant devices, ElliQ initiates conversation with its user, asking about their day, helping them manage their health, encouraging participation in suggested activities. ElliQ offers a range of companionship, health and wellness, communication, entertainment, and assistive features, including:

  • Physical exercise videos through a partnership with Silver Sneakers
  • Health content through a collaboration with Mayo Clinic
  • Access to transportation support with Uber Health
  • Daily conversation and inspiration
  • Regular check-ins and notifications to a loved one if there is a need
  • Health & wellness goal setting and tracking 
  • Reminders for events, appointments, and more
  • Ability to easily send and receive text messages & conduct video calls
  • Memory recording and sharing
  • Music, jokes, trivia, news, and engaging activities


mothers day gift

The soft and stylish bag that raises the bar!  The lady-like power bag that is full of punch, chic and sophisticated for all day and all night.  Carry this bag your way with 3 handle options to wear a variety of ways: Luxe Hard Handle, Gunmetal Chain Strap, Adjustable crossbody luxe trim strap.  All detachable to wear solo or mixed or go bare as a clutch.

HercLeon's Zuri Beauty Pillowcase

mothers day gift

These pillowcases are the first in the world that brings together the power of copper and silk into the perfect pillowcase. This truly advanced pillowcase will help people with acne-prone skin, wrinkles, dryness, and other skin concerns get their first beauty sleep that will make a noticeable difference in their skin’s health. Without a doubt, there is no pillowcase available on the market that can compete with the skin-improving nature of the Zuri pillowcase.

Lev Baby Mommy n Me Loungewear

mothers day gift

What better bonding is there than the whole family wearing matching PJs?! Making Clothes That Make Memories – Lev Baby was founded by a mom of five boys who knows the importance of cherishing each moment with your baby. Designers of the softest, high-quality bamboo baby and toddler attire, including the cutest PJs and clothes for spring, it’s a photo opp waiting to happen. With their game-changer Poppy footie pajamas, converting from footie to romper with flaps that ‘pop’ on and off the foot, Lev Baby is the brand to get to know! Unbelievably soft, ultimately stylish, the Mama Loungewear is the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Ayla Vacuum

The Ayla Vacuum by Ayla & Co. is the product every mother needs- it’s even small enough to fit inside most purses (or purchase the Ayla & Co. diaper bag where it fits in perfectly)! The Ayla vacuum is the trendy and efficient new way to clean at home, work, or traveling. A lightweight cordless vacuum that looks like a chic water bottle and easily fits in your bag, it’s a parent’s lifesaver and designed by parents to make life easier. It takes the mess, and the chaos, out of everyday events for a quick cleanup wherever it happens.

Fernweh Editions Candles

female founded brands

The scents of these candles will make Mom feel like she’s gone to a tropical vacation-can’t you hear the waves calling?! Fernweh Editions candles have invigorating scents that create an ambiance of a dreamy beach getaway with the Pacific Island collection (and many other collections/destinations)! These travel-inspired soy wax candles will transport a fragrant and elegant experience right to your home.

Hand-poured and made with craftsmanship in small batches in the USA, they are made from clean-burning soy wax, which is a renewable source that’s better for the environment, better for air quality, providing a longer burn time and gives a strong base for the scents.

Mosaic Puzzles

mothers day gift

Bring a piece of art home with Mosaic Puzzles’ beautiful wooden puzzles. You haven’t seen anything like this! Each piece of these puzzles is part of a one-of-a-kind story. The pieces are hand-drawn in unique shapes like animals, everyday objects and people. Choose from Van Gogh’s Starry Night, A Sunset in Santorini, Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies by Monet, Hot Air Balloons at Sunset and so much more! Every Mosaic Puzzle is hand-assembled to ensure perfection, and they make sure each customer receives a unique cut design experience. You won’t receive the same cut design twice. The intricate details of each piece merges together to create art unlike any other. When you are finished this is something you’ll want to hang on your wall!

Alabaster Co.

mothers day gift

Give her a gift that will help grow her faith. Alabaster recreates the writings of the Bible into a modern version with aesthetically pleasing art books with vivid imagery and modern designs to encourage you to incorporate the readings into your regular routines. It’s an experience like no other! These are heirloom-quality gifts you will feel proud to give. Notebooks, prayer candles, devotionals, topical books, bundles, and accessories are also all offered.

Buddy Beat Light

mothers day gift

Every SUPER MOM on the go needs this wearable! This wonderfully engineered piece is worn around the neck and illuminates the way (front and back) while walking, biking or even taking the dog out! Active moms who wake up early and go to bed late need this when getting their activities done at night (reading in the dark)! The sporty design has built-in bluetooth speakers allowing mom to multi-task and listen to music, podcasts or receive calls when paired to a smartphone. It is light weight -at only 7.2 ounces that mom won’t even know it’s there. Give the BBL to mom and give her an extra level of  convenience AND security.

Spunky Stork Mommy n Me Designs

mothers day gift

We’re here to set the record straight. Cat ladies get a bad rap, but we are just like like the rest of you! And now, we can match with our future crazy cat baby. Seriously, guys, if your cat will be your babe’s first sibling, this matching mother and son or daughter shirt set is for you! Get a matching shirt for the whole family.

RED Chocolate Truffles

mothers day gift

Give mom chocolate without the guilt! RED Chocolate has all the guiltless indulgence of regular chocolate, but with up to 50% less calories and 30-40% less fat! Formulated by European Master Chocolatiers, their truffle gift boxes are a scrumptious delight. Filled with either a smooth nut or a coconut filling, you would never guess that there’s no added sugar.

Kyte Baby Lounge Set

Made from soft bamboo rayon, this tank set is designed for both style and comfort. The breathable fabric keeps you comfortably cool in warm weather, while the tank and shorts are cut in a supremely flattering fit.

Auraiha Skincare

In the past decade, the popularity of natural cosmetics and skincare products has skyrocketed. As the public places more importance on wellness, consumers increasingly opt for products that benefit—not harm—their health. ‘Clean Beauty’ is an important aspect of this.

Our clean beauty products are free from any harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, and synthetic fragrances. We DO NOT test our products on animals. Cultivating a brand filled with high quality clean products is our number one priority.

Georgie & Lou Pickleball Bag

mothers day gift

Your mom is in on the fastest-growing sport of the year, pickleball, so she needs a great bag for the court. Georgie & Lou pickleball bags mix function and fashion, making her a champion on and off the court. The pockets are thoughtfully designed to hold her paddle, balls, and pickleball essentials securely in a luxurious, lightweight bag. The bag includes designated interior pockets that hold paddles, pickle balls and keep your water in the shade while you play. Some designs also feature an exclusive “carabiner system” that keeps the bag lifted off the ground and away from germs, dirt and bugs. She’ll be ready for any match with these couture pickleball bags.

Well Told – Custom Night Sky Mason Jar

mothers day gift

The day you were born made your mom a Mother. You can capture that moment in time by customizing Well Told’s 16oz mason jar with a vision of the night sky from the place and time she was at when you entered the world. Featuring the stars, constellations, and planets as if she was looking up into the sky again.

Really Good Boxed Wine

mothers day gift

Really Good Boxed Wine stays fresh for 6 weeks after opening! Oxygen is great for humans but bad for wine. With Really Good Boxed Wine in a box, oxygen doesn’t touch the wine, keeping it fresh for up to 20x longer than bottles. 

With Really Good Boxed Wine, you get more Really Good Wine for less money because boxes are much less expensive than bottles and corks to make and to ship. That means you’re paying for high quality wine, not the other unimportant stuff.

SESH’s Mimosa

mothers day gift
As more people are choosing “better for you,” products and wanting to know what they are putting into their bodies, why not give mom the best? SESH ‘s mimosas standout simply because of what is in them. As the hard seltzer brand takes pride in being all natural, gluten free and zero sugar, SESH’s Mimosa is the first RTD mimosa not to include sugar and just one carbohydrate but yet still every bit as delicious as if it was homemade.

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