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Mother’s Day is rolling in in a few weeks, so it’s a great time to brainstorm what gifts to get your mom or the other special mothers in your life. Thinking about mothers day gift ideas can be a little challenging and these past few years has not made it any easier.

Here are a few of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Lavender Serenity Gift Box

The Lavender Serenity Gift Box from Beloved Bath makes a luxurious self-care package and heartfelt gift for a friend and loved one. Filled with special items to create feelings of peaceful ease for the bath, shower, and home. Beautifully boxed with a bow that’s simple and perfect. The set includes:
  • Serenity Bath Salt 16 oz.
  • Lavender Soap 5.3 oz.
  • Lavender Body Butter 4 oz.
  • Lavender Candle 8 oz.

CocoBowlz Candles

Spark a smile by gifting a handcrafted candle from CocoBowlz! Choose from a collection of over 60 spiritual scents that will bring a newfound warmth and depth to your abode. Featuring your choice of a bamboo cup, natural coconut, or two-tone coconut shell to add some tropical flair to your decor. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches with coconut soy wax and a wooden wick. These beautiful candles will seamlessly become a part of your daily ritual. They are eco-friendly, burn clean, have a lasting burn time of up to 50 hours.

Hello Mello Slippers

The ultimate act of kindness… giving the gift of walking on cotton candy clouds with Hello Mello’s super fluffy slipper sandals featuring padded soles, warm vegan fur and an open toe design to keep feet cozy without getting too hot. Available in Berry, Cloud and Grape colors!


Marzipops started with our unique matzah pops. Our goal is to provide delicious and playful marzipan treats. We like to call it deliciously playful eating.

How does it happen?  We start with deliciousness.  Then we add unique design, bright color and hand-crafted excellence.  All this happens in our commercial kitchen in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

And don’t forget the packaging. We use lovely gift boxes so that receiving and opening your treats is almost as fun as eating them.  And each treat is handled carefully and lovingly to ensure they arrive to you safe and sound.

The Happy Birdwatcher

The Happy Birdwatcher delivers thoughtfully blended birdseed, tailored to your backyard, so you can experience the happiness of watching birds flourish in your outdoor space. It’s no secret that spending more time outside boosts your mental and physical health, but did you know that birds are one of the reasons why the outdoors makes us happier people? Studies have shown that those who watch birds are less stressed, happier, and show an overall greater satisfaction with life. Each of the Happy Birdwatcher’s seeds are curated by your zip code. The packaging is eco-friendly. and you have three boxes to choose from, Starter Box, Simply Seeds Box and the Splendid Box.

Viking Beauty Secret's

Viking Beauty Secrets’ Gift Set for mom!

The gift box includes the following:

  1. Exfoliating Face Scrub
    Use a dime-sized amount of exfoliating face scrub and gently massage onto the face and neck area. Avoid eye contact. Leave it on for 1 minute, then proceed by gently washing it off.
  2. Restorative Night Cream
    Apply to face, neck, or décolleté after cleansing in the evening.

Lectro Fan

A great gift for sleepless nights! It helps block disruptive environmental noises so mom can fall asleep with ease. It has precise volume control, an optional timer, and a 3.5mm connector for headphones or a portable speaker to match her environment and sleep style. It is also ideal for creating a disturbance-free work area, or just reducing the distracting effects of outside noises for a more relaxing environment, day or night


When you can’t be there in person, BoxFull makes sure your loved ones know you care. Designed to be a lasting reminder for your friends and family they aren’t alone. BoxFull uses their patent-pending design to have their super plush animal ready with soft hugs and comforting support. In addition to the new fuzzy friend with arms outstretched upon opening – each box also comes with a special poem and a customized message.

Heirloom Video Books

Share the best gift of all, the gift of happy memories! Heirloom video books fit up to 20 minutes of your personalized video. Fill it with your memories, and with special videos made by friends and family. Each video book features a 5” HD screen with a speaker wrapped in a hardcover book. Simply open the book to play the crisp, high-quality video. Heirloom video books do not require any special tech, wifi, or internet to use. Each one comes with a fully rechargeable battery and is made to last.

Westerlay Orchids

Based in beautiful Carpinteria, California, Westerlay Orchids is proud to serve as Southern California’s largest commercial grower of Phalaenopsis orchids and Bromeliads. The company annually distributes over 4 million orchids directly to customers and to local and national supermarket chains, as well as florists and designers. Westerlay Orchids has been a pioneer in environmental and sustainability practices and regularly contributes to local schools, nonprofit organizations, and many other community causes

Muggo 2.0

Muggo 2.0 is a high-tech reinvention of the traditional travel mug. Muggo can be used at home, at the office, or on the go to keep beverages at a precise temperature setting for up to three hours.

  • Great for coffee and tea
  • 12-oz, self-heating
  • Features space-grade thermal insulation
  • Built in battery with a USB-C port charger
  • Can be set to temperatures ranging from 95 to 160 degrees

Zend Coffee

Zend offers four single-origin coffees and five coffee blends, finely roasted, and meticulously sourced. We knew there was a better way to start the morning, with a coffee that goes beyond habit. Made with the highest-quality beans and vital ingredients, like turmeric and L-theanine, Zend is designed for the body and mind. But it’s just not what we can add to your day, it’s also what we can take away. Our stress-free subscription model removes the hassle and headache out of buying coffee and delivers it right to your door.

Thyme & Sage

Thyme & Sagecreates dish towels that are high-quality and specialized to suit the most common kitchen needs with a system to help you remember which, and they make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift. No.1 – The Cleaner: Super absorbent. Use for cleaning only to wipe dry hands, soak up spills, and wipe down countertops. No. 2 – The Cook: Flat for less mess. Use it to cover the rising dough, wring out greens and potatoes, place between pot and lid when cooking rice and line bread baskets. No.3 – The Multitasker: For everything else. Throw it over your shoulder or tuck it in your apron as you cook, use it to clean little spills, handle hot pots and place them under the cutting board for stabilization.

Carry It Well

Mom would love to receive a beautiful garment bag to keep her most-treasured items well-preserved.Carry It Well and protect your most-loved coats, dresses, suits and more with these adorable garment bags. The bags are great for travel and storage, and they are available in fun colors and designs.

Posie Pots

Help mom get a head start on her garden with Posie Pots! These are the first and only 3D self-watering planters that come in a variety of sizes and beautiful colors. The planter features a built-in water reservoir, so you never have to worry about over or under watering your plants again. Only water your plants once every 30 days, so it’s perfect if you have upcoming travel plans. The pots use 95% less water, but get 4-10 times maximum growth. The pots work for any indoor plants and outdoor plants including herbs, vegetables and even trees!

Yummie Shapewear

shapewear for women

Yummie versatile wardrobe staples are infused with a little extra. Some have curve-sculpting powers, some regulate your temperature, and they’re all so comfy you’ll forget you’re wearing them. With everything from ready-to-wear to underwear, no matter what you choose you’ll look and feel simply delicious.

Kahawa 1893

If mom loves coffee or tea, Kahawa 1893 offers coffee and tea directly from Kenya’s coffee farms, which are abundant with some of the world’s most delicious coffee beans on earth! Kahawa 1893, a sustainable and premium coffee brand with a selection of aromatic blends and roasts that will satisfy everyone. Kahawa 1893 is available in 12-ounce beans or ground as well as convenient, eco-friendly single-serve coffee packs (which are compostable and ideal for commuting, travel, camping, and more!).

Alvott Moisturizer

Alvott’s beautifully packaged, decadent cream is definitely something mom wants for Mother’s Day! Three grooming superstars: shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil come together in Alvott.com’s amazing moisturizer. This moisturizer will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Plus, it’s a delight to your senses with its fresh, chocolatey smell!

Diamond Pointelle Knit Blanket

This knit baby blanket from Feltman Brothers is oh so sweet! It is made out of soft knit material with a classy diamond pointelle design throughout the weave and seed knit edges. Available in white, blue, pink, and our popular sea coral to match any outfit your loved one is wearing. Perfect for a baby bassinet, carriage, or swaddling your precious bundle of joy.

Mantra Band

Their Mother’s Day collection is the perfect way to show her you appreciate all she does using meaningful inscriptions like, “Best Mom Ever”,  “First My Mother, Forever My Friend” and “I Love You More” and gentle reminders like “I Am Enough” and “Be Fearless, Be Resilient.”

PediPocket Blanket

It’s not often that moms get to carve out time to relax. Give her a moment to rest in silence, wrapped up in warmth. PediPocket’s plush blankets are extra long and have a genius foot pocket to make sure her feet stay warm as well. Their NEW Lux blankets add an extra layer of warmth because they are double lined with faux sherpa.

Arome D'Art

Make mom feel like she’s in Italy, Greece or Spain with the amazing scents from Arome D’Art! This new, innovative fragrance system uses visual arts, perfume-grade aroma (highlighting regions around the globe using botanicals native to each area), and storytelling to transport her to different regions around the globe.

Bartesian Cocktail Maker

The new Bartesian Duet Premium Cocktail Maker elevates the cocktail experience by offering premium cocktails without the hassle. Bartesian creates premium, authentic cocktails on demand, providing an effortless way to enjoy and serve premium cocktails at home.

Unique Handcrafted Products

Support & Buy From Tween/Teen Craft Makers This Mother’s Day on TREPPIE.com! Think “Etsy” for young creatives (most Treppies are ages 9 – 25) who feel you’re never too young to turn your talent into profit. Aside from nurturing the creativity and business ambition of young creative artisans, the online storefront platform offers young craft makers business mentorship, protects their privacy and safety on the platform, includes parents in the process.

3 Ways To Spoil Your Mom On Mother’s Day

mother's day

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that comes only once a year, so it’s only right to find ways to spoil your mom on that day. Some women don’t celebrate Mother’s Day because they feel like they don’t deserve to be appreciated. It’s time that this negative outlook was changed and make Mother’s Day meaningful for all moms.

Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Happy mother's day! Child daughter is congratulating mom and giving her postcard. Mum and girl smiling and hugging. Family holiday and togetherness.

Here some of the most thoughtful mother’s day gift ideas for your mom to celebrate her special day:  

How to Treat the Special Women in Your Life This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day held yearly to celebrate the mother figures in our lives. Mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, aunts, and any woman involved in raising children deserve to be celebrated and thanked for everything they’ve done.

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