Move Over Instant Pot – Make Room for Air Fryer


I admit it; I can be fickle when it comes to the latest kitchen gadget.

For a while I was all about the Spiralizer (do you have any idea how many veggies can be spiralized?) – until I realized how annoying it is to clean and how Publix sells already spiralized zucchini and butternut squash. The Spiralizer is now paperweight in the pantry.

Then I was head over heels for the Instant Pot. I’m still fond of the Instant Pot, but our initial daily romance has dulled into an occasional relationship. A friend suggested that an Air Fryer would meet all my culinary needs. I snagged a Crux 2.2 quart convection Air Fryer for $49.99 during a Macy’s one-day sale – love at first sight!

Move Over Instant Pot – Make Room for Air Fryer

Despite the dimming of past gadget relationship flames, I have unrealistic high hopes for the Air Fryer and me. Because bacon. Cooking bacon in the Air Fryer is nothing short of life altering. The Air Fryer produces perfect bacon every time without bacon grease splattering on me or on the stove (or even worse, settling for limp bacon cooked in the oven). The Air Fryer has forever changed Taco Tuesday. Instead of sautéing ground beef, I toss flank steak and seasoning into the Air Fryer – no mess and no splatter – and a delicious twist that my family loves. Last weekend I opened a can of biscuits, sliced them in half, baked them in the Air Fryer until they were golden and puffy, and rolled them in powdered sugar. Delectable.

I have a list of foods to try cooking in the Air Fryer – French fries, chicken, avocado fries (yes that is a thing), shrimp, fish, and even cake!


Go ahead. Give it a try. Your Instant Pot will still be there for you, waiting ever so eagerly to make pasta in 6 minutes. But the Air Fryer may soon become your next best friend.

Move Over Instant Pot – Make Room for Air Fryer


  1. Donuts? Bacon? Steak? Where did you find these recipes? I’ve only used the Air Fryer for fries! And, it’s worth it just for those!


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