My First Mammogram


When it comes to scheduling MY doctor appointments, I am the world’s BIGGEST procrastinator! I’ll schedule my kids’ doctor appointments, my husband’s doctor appointments… even the dog’s doctor appointment before I schedule my own appointment!

Now if you are nearing 40 like me, you KNOW what doctor appointment I’m referring to! I just had my first mammogram, and let me tell you – it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

I thought it would be awful

I grew up hearing all kinds of stories about painful mammogram appointments. So it’s no wonder I was putting this appointment off as long as I possibly could. But at the end of the appointment, I was like, “That’s it?!” I guess in my mind, my first mammogram was going to be scary and terrible. I was at AdventHealth Imaging Center Lake Mary, and I cannot brag enough about the friendliness of the staff. When you’re at what could be a stressful appointment, I was so thankful for their kind staff and overall great experience.

my first mammogrammy first mammogram

my first mammogram

Scheduling your mammogram and some helpful tips

You’ll need to know a few things prior to your mammogram appointment. First, you’ll need to visit your PCP. They will write a referral for your appointment. Then, you’ll call or schedule your appointment online. There are 12 convenient AdventHealth locations all around Orlando, so you’re certain to find a location near you.

You’ll want to wear leggings or pants, with a top you can easily slip off once you’re in the dressing room. Don’t wear any deodorant or lotions.


I was really impressed with their convenient parking. I literally walked right from my car, straight into their office – no huge parking garages! And they have very convenient hours. My appointment was on a Saturday afternoon, so it didn’t interrupt my work schedule! I was in and out in 30 minutes! No joke!



I think one reason I was procrastinating my mammogram was a fear that it was going to be a large doctor payment. I never realized that screening mammograms are covered, in most cases, by insurance! So if you’re hesitant to schedule your mammogram because of a deductible or payment, be sure you check with your insurance to see if it’s covered!


For many women, they don’t think about a mammogram until Breast Cancer Awareness is upon us, but (please!) take my lead and schedule your appointment TODAY! I hope you were able see how easy and quick your appointment will be… not to mention that it’s not as scary as we make it out to be!

Put priority on yourself and don’t procrastinate about your mammogram! Schedule your appointment today!


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