As a mom of girls, the one thing I could expect would be the ritual fitting when the time comes for a proper bra for my tweens. However, for the younger set while a plethora of sport bra options exist, they’re made to compress rather than shape and they are rarely made of fabrics that breathe. 

Enter Bleuetgirl.  To quote their website, “Purpose Driven Apparel’.  I have to love a product to buy it and I prefer small business owners over department stores any day BUT if you really want my business, the proverbial key to my heart is social enterprise. Bleuet checks the box here with their innovative support of young entrepreneurs. 

I was thrilled when I was asked if my younger daughter would like to try some new bras. Aside from the actual product, their mission is where it’s at.  They source materials and manufacture their products in Guatemala, which helps create jobs for many.  In addition, Bleuet donates their bras to those in need. 

Now for the actual product.  My daughter just turned 11 and doesn’t have much she needs to protect right now. However, she is growing up and is very physically active.  Besides it’s never too early to get into the habit of some coverage as we enter this season of puberty.

The first time I opened the package, Katy squealed in glee at the softness.  She immediately donned on her reversible beige to light blue bra and said it felt so good on her skin; no uncomfortable seams and adjustable straps which is rare in these early bras.  They come in both neutral and brighter colors and size ranges from 8 – 24 and offers support for AA – C cups. 

Since that first wear, it continues to wash and wear nicely and keeps getting softer.  I would recommend this company and their bras without hesitation based on my experience.  In addition to the premium quality product, they have a great mission with core values I can get behind.  While not marketed as a specialty product per se, I highly recommend these bras for anyone who’s sensory needs may have been overlooked by other garments.

I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Lisa – OMC Contributor and girl mom.


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