New Boardwalk at Orlando Wetlands is Perfect for Families

Cypress Board Walk at Orlando Wetlands Park
Photo by: Amanda Green

Orlando Wetlands Park is a sprawling 1,650-acre nature park located on the far eastern side of Orange County in Christmas, Florida. It is a prime location for wildlife viewing and is one of my go-to places to see an alligator when family visits from out of state.

In fact, there are so many gators present that I used to not recommend it as a destination for families with small children because the gators are known to sun themselves on the trail. Visitors had to walk along the water’s edge if they wanted to experience the wildlife and nature of the park – and that’s, well, a little scary and possibly dangerous for tiny tots.

Cypress Board Walk at Orlando Wetlands Park
Photo by: Amanda Green

But the new Cypress Board Walk that opened in December of 2022 changes all of that. It cuts a 2,220-foot elevated wooden boardwalk across the marsh, creating an accessible and family-friendly nature experience.

The trail is wide enough for a stroller, has a sturdy railing, and multiple viewpoints to step aside and take in the scenery. Fishing is not allowed, so you don’t have to worry about finding old fishing hooks along the railing.

Orlando Wetlands park
Photo by: Amanda Green

We were there during a cool front in late December and saw all kinds of species of water birds including moorhens, egrets, wood storks, roseate spoonbills, and herons. One of the best parts is looking down into the water to eye different fish and aquatic plants. I was surprised the water looked crystal clear in the middle of the marsh. It isn’t at all sooted by tannins from the trees.

Orlando Wetlands Park
Photo by: Amanda Green

Once you’ve finished your stroll through Orlando Wetlands Park, I recommend touring the nearby Fort Christmas Museum.

There are so many things to do in Central Florida! What is your favorite?



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