Start Your Own Unique Family Traditions
Start Your Own Unique Family Traditions

 My husband and I adore the holiday season. Having a sweet toddler around makes this time of year even more special.  We want to build beautiful memories for our daughter. We would also love for her to carry on some traditions. For help with some creative traditions, I turned to Pinterest. Here are  some unique Christmas traditions that we are going to start this year.

Who can resist Hot Cocoa?
Who can resist Hot Cocoa?

1.  Hot Cocoa Bar!

What kid doesn’t like Hot Cocoa? The rich, smooth aroma of warm chocolate gets me every time. Add some white fluffy marshmallows and I’m in heaven.

Here are some items you can include in your very own Hot Cocoa Bar:

Crushed Candy Cane
Chocolate Chips
Peanut Butter Chips
Andes Mint Chips
Ice Cream
Cool Whip

2. The Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box
Christmas Eve Box

This is one of my favorite traditions that I’m looking forward to starting.

Every kid loves to open an early Christmas present! Build up excitement by telling  your kiddos that they get to open up THIS box on Christmas Eve. Fill the box with pjs, movies, popcorn, etc. Basically everything you need to enjoy a cozy family Christmas Eve.

3. The Kindness Elf

I’m sorry, but the elf on a shelf thing annoys me (and scares me a little). The holidays is a time of year that people should be doing everything they can to help others. It is a great time to teach your little ones the true meaning of giving. The Kindness Elf is the perfect way to show your little ones how special giving to others is.

Teach your child the importance of giving to others.
Teach your child the importance of giving to others.

The Elf delivers notes on how to help someone that day. For example, bake cookies for the neighbors, make cards for those in the hospital, donate toys. For more ideas, visit this link.

4. Tex Mex Dinner

This little tradition was started last year in our own home. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen with a “Thanksgiving-repeat” meal, make a simple, yet scrumptious Tex Mex meal. Most items can be made in the crock pot or within minutes. Look up some great ideas by clicking this link.  So get out of the kitchen on Christmas and go spend time with your family!

5. Picture Ornament

Create a family ornament together.
Create a family ornament together.

How many wonderful memories have you made this year? Pick a few of your favorite pictures and create ornaments. Add more memories each year and soon you will have a tree full of your family memories. Check out this link on creative ways to create ornaments.



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