(C)Donna Taliercio, New Smyrna Beach Surfing

New Smyrna Beach is a classic beach town, with narrow streets, wide beaches, great food and a laid-back attitude. National Geographic Magazine recognized New Smyrna Beach as “one of the world’s top 20 surf towns.”  Its residents and visitors have had a long love affair with the sport of surfing and water sports, witnessing  some of the finest wave action on the Eastern Seaboard.  NSB offers more than 17 miles of  beautiful sandy beaches and unlike California, Hawaii, or other world-class surf destinations, it is unpretentious, affordable and accessible to all.

As for the surfing itself, the sport is a favorite pastime for experts and amateurs alike and Surfer Magazine described it as “the most consistent break along Florida’s 1,200+ miles of surfable coastline.”  Having rock ledges 4 – 5 miles offshore means that wave breaks are plentiful yet swimmers are protected from dangerous undertows – so beginners can learn the sport in relatively safe waters and lessons are very popular.

(C)Donna Taliercio, New Smyrna Beach @nsbsurfinstructor


And, surfing is just the tip of the iceberg. when it comes to water sports. NSB is a great place to do other things as well – like paddle board, Yoga, fishing, boating, etc.



Here are a few great water sports coaches to check out:

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