New Year, New You?


New year, new you…that’s the New Year’s Resolution hotness, right? Well I’m not buying it! I don’t think that the start of a new year is a time to transform yourself into a new person, but more of a time to make small improvements.

Here are some simple things you can do to make mental and physical improvements without completely changing yourself as a person.

Drink More Water

This really is the simplest thing you could ever do to improve your physical and mental health – both things that people tend to focus on when making their new years resolutions. The Mayo Clinic recommends that women drink 9 cups of water per day to help their body flush toxins from their system and prevent your body from becoming dehydrated because even a case of mild dehydration will make you tired.

Try adding a glass of water before each meal and eating foods that contain a high water content like watermelon and spinach. Even drinks like milk, juice, coffee, and wine can contribute to keeping you hydrated, but plain water is still the best option.


I know it is cliche to start exercising with the new year, but it is important. Here are two simple ways to get your body moving which will absolutely help.

  1. Walk. This year I joined the FitBit addiction and it has totally gotten me moving! There are also competitions between other users and I am naturally highly competitive so this ensures that I hop on the treadmill for half an hour just to pull ahead LOL
  2. YouTube yoga! Don’t know how to yoga? Only have a few minutes before the kids start attacking? Try some videos off of YouTube! My favorite is Yoga with Adriene  because she is funny and her whole thing is to find what feels good!

Balance Your Meals

No one wants to jump straight from eating turkey and pie and cheeseballs and drinking wine for two months to eating salads and baked fish. Take time to transition and balance your meals. Make a salad topped with leftover turkey or ham. Did you have a cookie or some leftover pie for breakfast…have some mixed veggies as your lunch. Everything is okay in moderation and will keep you from binge eating a pint of ice cream while Netflixing.

Get Organized

This is my obsession…and Achilles heal! I love paper planners, wall calenders, and phone notifications to help keep me organized. I am usually good at setting up my schedule and getting my family to and from where they need to be.

My house, on the other hand, looks like a bomb went off! No matter how much time I spend cleaning and organizing toys and clothes my kids stuff is everywhere. I plan to invest in some decorative bins, buckets, and baskets to organize all of the kid stuff that has taken over my living/dining room.

Small Changes -> Big Improvements

There are a lot of other small changes you can make to improve the awesome version of you that you already have.

Try a new hairstyle.

Put makeup on.

Make a new friend.

Don’t wear PJs to school drop-off…at least once a week.

Resist the urge to post every little thing on social media.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Read more books.


Cut back on Netflix binges.

Start knitting.

Take up painting.

Start doodling.

Go outside of your comfort zone.

Start a swear jar (you’ll be rich!).

Plan a fantasy vacation.

Start a blog.

Listen to a new podcast.

Take an online course.

Attend a conference or seminar.

The point is…

…making any small change will make you even more amazing than you are. So how are you going to improve yourself in 2022?


Originally posted in 2016, revised 2021


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