As a mom, occasional sleepless nights are likely a big part of your reality — whether you’re soothing a teething baby or stressing over a teenager enjoying a night out. But a night spent tossing and turning can ruin the next day, especially when you need to look or function at your best. Here, check out our favorite tried-and-true techniques for faking a full 8 hours and revitalizing your mind and body.

1. Cool Off

To mimic sleep’s effects on your skin, you need to turn down the heat. Start with a cool (not cold — there’s no reason to torture yourself) shower, which encourages healthy circulation and can make you feel more alert. Your soap can make a difference, too. Using a formula scented with cooling peppermint can help you feel revived and focused. Out of the shower, reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles around your eyes with a time-tested trick: a cold compress. Cucumber slices, a chilled gel eye mask, or even bags of frozen produce (wrapped in a towel to protect your skin) can help shrink blood vessels and reduce inflammation for an almost-instant improvement.

2. Go Outside

When it comes to tricking your body into waking up, there’s no substitute for natural light. Exposure to the sun helps your sleepy brain understand that it’s daytime and start acting accordingly, even after a subpar night of sleep. Open your blinds in the morning and head outside for a quick walk in the afternoon to stimulate your brain and get you through an afternoon slump. Moving around can also get your lymphatic system moving and further reduce swelling and puffiness.

3. Make Yourself Up

When you’re using makeup to fake a well-rested look, strategy is key. There’s no reason to go overboard on products; in fact, too much eye makeup or foundation can actually make you look even more tired. Instead, start with a light BB cream instead of thick foundation to even out your skin’s tone without looking overdone. Curling your lashes before you apply mascara gives eyes a wide-open look, and lightly dotting concealer beneath your eyes further reduces discoloration and shadows. A neutral, light eye shadow on your lids can further brighten things up.

4. Power Nap!

If you’re really dragging, a 15- or 20-minute power nap in the afternoon can give you a quick boost without that disoriented feeling you sometimes get after longer naps. That’s because quick snoozes give you the benefit of real shuteye without sending you into deep REM sleep or affecting your ability to fall asleep later that night.

5. See a Cosmetic Doctor

Although it may seem extreme, visiting a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for a wrinkle-smoothing treatment can reduce the look of permanent lines and help you look refreshed and relaxed 24/7.  According to the website of Dr. Edward Gross, a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in BOTOX® Cosmetic at his Orlando-area practice, this powerful product treats “dynamic” wrinkles, which are caused by repetitive movements. By smoothing away crow’s feet and forehead lines, you can reawaken your upper face for a noticeable improvement. Keep in mind that the procedure is quick and the results are temporary, so there’s little risk in trying it out. And one of the top things happy patients say afterward is that they look rested and alert, in addition to younger.


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