Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas


Originally posted October 26, 2015
Updated October 27th, 2020


Last year my family moved into a brand new community in Winter Garden. Even though the neighborhood was still largely under construction, my kids still came home with more candy than they could eat in a year, much less in a single fall season. We literally had to go trick-or-treating in rounds, dumping off the goodies we got from the first block before heading out to get more from the second. This year is sure to be even crazier!

Whether your kids have food allergies or just generally overwhelmed by the amount of candy kids get each year, it’s always a great idea to consider passing out non-candy treats on Halloween.

Here are a few options (that aren’t raisins) that are sure to keep your house from being “tricked” after you give out your treats!

Stickers & Temporary Tattoos

Halloween stickers are always a big hit for little kids. Pumpkins, Disney characters, and other friendly Halloween characters adorn the stickers readily available at any party store, discount retailer and even some grocery stores. Kids can use stickers on their water bottles, notebooks, and planners. They can also place stickers on their laptops to add decoration that they get to enjoy every day. Another alternative to spice things up is to add temporary tattoos to the mix.



Individually Wrapped Snack Bags

Wander into your local Target or Walmart and you’ll see a variety of individually wrapped snack size pretzels, Goldfish, cheese balls, popcorn and other treats that are both candy and nut free. Most of these come in Halloween shapes and packaging which makes them perfect for trick-or-treaters.



Halloween Themed Jewelry

It’s super easy to find bags of spider & bat rings, gummy bracelets, or bead necklaces at your local dollar store this time of year. My kids are always quick to put on whatever decorative goodies they find in their trick-or-treat stash. They may only last a day or two but they’re super fun for Halloween and playing dress-up in the days that follow.


Mini Water Bottles or Juice Boxes

Let’s face it, walking the streets all night can be exhausting and leave you parched. You’ll set your house apart by giving out mini water bottles or (reduced sugar) juice boxes to your little trick or treaters. Oh, and be sure to stock up enough for the grown-ups too! If you’re block is anything like mine, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and having something to quench their thirst after all those grown-up Halloween Jello shots.

Want to really go all out? Print out custom Halloween water bottle labels to make them even more fun! (Click here to get instructions and a free download for the ones shown to the right.)


Light-Up Glow Sticks

Give your little ghosts and goblins something fun that also keeps them safe on the streets. You can buy light-up glow sticks (which connect into bracelets or necklaces) at prices like 10 for a $1 or so. Pass this out, let the kids pop them on and know that they’ll stand out from the crowd when they continue down those dark streets and sidewalks. Added bonus: step outside and you’ll easily spot who has and has not made it to your house yet by spotting the ones that glow and the ones that don’t! How fun!

Ooey-Gooey Scary Party Favors, Toys & Trinkets

One of my kids favorite “treats” last year was the slimy little wall-tumbler skeleton toys they got from one of our new neighbors. When we came home to sort through the candy they quickly opened those guys up and started throwing them around the house. Likewise the little Halloween parachute toys were a big hit. The kids couldn’t wait to run up the stairs and drop them down and watch them fly down. Also look for sticky hands, plastic eyeballs, tubs of slime, fake fingers, vampire teeth, stretchy skeletons, rubbery rats, Halloween bubbles, and other “frights” that evoke the gross fun of Halloween. For more ideas, check out Party City or Oriental Trading Company to see what’s in stock this year.

Glow in the Dark Tumbler Skeletons (Image from
Glow in the Dark Tumbler Skeletons (Image from

School Supplies

It’s super easy to find Halloween themed pencils, erasers, mini notepads, bookmarks, and stamps at party stores or even the big box stores. Also consider packs of crayons, chalk,  Halloween coloring books, or even mini play dough.

dsc_00141Jack-O-Lantern “Cuties”

Alright, we left the raisins off the list but this idea is too cute not to share. Take out your black sharpie and draw little jack-o-lantern faces onto each little orange from those always-available 3-6lb bags and boxes of “cuties.” Come on now. It’s Florida. This one’s a no-brainer for us!






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