I am as over the school year as the next mom. Maybe more so.

I’m tired of packing lunches, matching socks, and making sure that shirts are “four fingers wide.” I am WAY over the homework struggle, reading logs, and bus pick up. I don’t want to go to another meeting. Answer another email. Or come up with a special outfit for today’s theme.


I’m done. Don’t talk to me again until August so I can refill the fundraiser and fee coffers for the onslaught of requirements for my three elementary school kids.

But am I ready for summer? NOPE. Not a chance.

All of you moms who have your stuff together with camps, activities, crafts, field trips, vacations, and “quiet time”…I tip my cocktail glass to you. I will be entering Summer Survival Mode and counting down until “meet the teacher” by the end of the first weekend.

Summer Survival Mode

I will be the mom at the pool who forgets snacks…or towels.

I will be the mom making a last minute stop at the playground and forgot water bottles.

I will be the mom dragging my kids to the library ...BEGGING them to get off the computer and read a book. (They love to read, I swear, but the draw of a computer is strong.)

I will be the mom who dumps out boxes upon boxes of LEGOs in the middle of the living room and announces that we are having a building competition.

I will be the mom who lets my kids draw all over the garage floor with sidewalk chalk while drinking a beer with my neighbor.

I will be the mom serving pigs in a blanket, pizzas, quesadillas, peanut butter spoons, and fruit salad all summer with hearty helpings of breakfast for dinner added to the mix.

I will be the mom with her fingers crossed that her kids will sleep until 7am.

I will be the mom taking the kids to Disney Springs to explore what’s new, only to leave with three crying kids because I won’t spend $200 on toys we don’t need.

I will be the mom giving in to the begging for devices by 10am.

I will be the mom packing the car full with everything under the sun to drive an hour to the beach only to realize after setting up our spot that I forgot the sunscreen. Then having to pack it all up and head to the overpriced beach store (with cranky kids in tow) so we don’t turn into lobsters.

I will be the mom buying school supplies and sorting them into the appropriate backpacks. In July.

I will be the mom Pinteresting ideas to help stop the summer slide…only to “forget” about them and take the kids out for ice cream.

I will be the mom playing video games with her kids to try and bond with them. (Creepers gonna creep).

Now Entering Summer Survival Mode - square

Don’t Get Me Wrong

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not even going to think about the Back-to-School shenanigans until August 1st, but until then I am hitting Summer Survival Mode.

What are your plans for the summer? Are you the mom who has her act together, or are you like me and fly by the seat of your pants?



  1. Haha and AMEN! I am this same kind of mom! Last night we went to a baseball game, it was 110 yesterday. I had tasked one of the children to get the water, they forgot and so we show up at the stinking hot field without it. Hello Summer! Here we come!


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