O is also for outstanding, which definitely describes my experience testing out The Ollie Swaddle.

I am a firm believer in swaddling.  Maybe it is because both of my kiddos loved it/needed it as babies, or maybe it’s because it helped them to become great sleepers (knock on wood).  In fact, my 4 month old is still swaddled every.single.night.  Tightly.  So, when I got the opportunity to try out the Ollie Swaddle, I jumped at the chance.  We have always just used cotton, hand-me-down swaddles which worked fine, but I was excited to try a new, up to date swaddle with lots of great reviews (I love reading Amazon reviews from real people, better yet, real moms).



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According to the Ollie website:
Baby will go “gaga” over this cozy swaddling solution! Designed to decrease fussiness and assist in self-calming, the Ollie Swaddle also improves the quality and duration of sleep! Features elasticity to allow freedom of movement and an opening at the bottom for hassle-free diaper changes, as well as custom-developed moisture wicking material to reduce overheating. Also has a custom closure with soft Velcro, which allows for variation of tightness, depending on the need and size of the infant. The ease of use eliminates frustration and promotes periods of alert and focused interaction between caregiver and infant, thus enhancing bonding (which is essential to all facets of neurodevelopment). For ages 0-4 months, the 92% polyester/ 8% Spandex Ollie Swaddle was made to grow with your baby. 



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I have to agree with the website, not only did our daughter go “gaga” over the swaddle, so did we.  We found it very easy to use and have chosen it to be our main swaddle and find ourselves using it every night, while only using our other swaddles when the Ollie is in the laundry.

Here are my likes and dislikes-


  • Fabric -The breathable/stretchy fabric is light and airy and the bit of stretch allows for a tight swaddle that doesn’t stretch out during the night.
  • Double Velcro on top strap to ensure a tight fit. – I love the reinforced double Velcro at the top (shoulder area) of the swaddle to ensure those little baby arms and hands stay put!
  • Velcro closure on leg (thigh area) – All of my other swaddles just Velcro around the chest of the baby.  This swaddle has a spot on the upper thigh that helps keep our little lady more contained.
  • Cute packaging – the cylindrical packaging, cute magnet and mesh laundry bag definitely caught my eye.
  • Washes up easily, does not wrinkle – We have washed our Ollie probably 10 times in the 2 months that we have had it and it washes up like new every time.




  • Price – Seeing the price of the Ollie ranging between $48-$59 dollars seemed pretty steep to me.  Especially for something that babies grow out of so quickly.  Honestly, before I tried it, I never would have paid that much for a swaddle.  But now, after using it and seeing how invaluable it is, I probably would make the investment.  Although pricey, it is well worth the cost for a good night’s sleep.
  • Limited colors/patterns – I was a little disappointed to find that the Ollie swaddle only came in the typical blue or pink striped fabric option.  I am a pattern person, so unique, fun, colorful patterns are right up my ally and I was bummed that there weren’t very many options.  However, after checking out the website recently, I noticed that they do have a new “Nature Collection”  (see picture below) that offers swaddles in the colors of lavender, nest, sky and stone.  No patterns, all solid colors, but at least more of a selection.
  • Feet come out of the bottom at times. – Many negative reviews I read complained about the infant’s feet coming out of the bottom.  After researching the reason for the open bottom (you can put an elastic band around the bottom) is for easy access for diaper changes during the middle of the night with no need to un-swaddle.  I do like the theory, but I did notice that even with the elastic band closure, our daughter’s feet still came out during the night.  It never woke her up, but I can see where that could be a turn off and add frustration to the whole process.




ollie nature


Our little lady is verrrrrry close to flipping over, which means her swaddling days are nearly over, but until then, she is still a happy camper every night wrapped up tight!





Nice job, Ollie – this mom (and baby) give you two thumbs up!


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