What do you give the person who:

A.) has everything or B.) wants nothing?


Welcome to my world.  My husband, aside from anything that has to do with the Green Bay Packers, is the most un-materialistic person in the galaxy.  He couldn’t care less about new clothes, he only wants new socks if he literally can’t wear them any more due to the gigantic holes in the soles, and the occasional new wallet or belt less than wows him.  I have to admit, I used to get a little upset when he didn’t loooove the gifts that I would give him for birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries…you know, the “cute” new shirt or a “cool” pair of pants.  He just wasn’t into it.   Now I think of his gift giving as the most fun challenge as I try to find gifts that are not only out of my comfort zone, but out of his as well.

Here are some off the beaten path ideas if you, too, are looking for a meaningful gift for a no-nonsense kind of recipient.

Sweat it Out:

If you need a gift for an active person, just try gifting them an athletic event.  I have found that it not only gives you an excuse to practice healthy living, but also an opportunity to train together as you prepare for the big event (that is if you are signing up as well).  I always ask my friends if they are interested also and we make a big day out of it!


Birthday Gift – Sprint Triathlon, Sanford, FL


savage 1
Post Baby Gift – Savage Race, Dade City, FL

Exploring Nature:

If your recipient is a nature lover, a camping getaway might just be right up their alley.  With all of the gorgeous state parks around our area, there is a plethora of beautiful sites to explore.  Spending a day exploring local sunflower and corn mazes are also great gifts to give for the person who loves to be outside and doesn’t mind encountering a bug or two.


4th Anniversary Camping Surprise – Tomoka State Park


Mother’s Day – Sunflower Maze, Lakeland, FL

Day Trippin’:

For the traveling explorer in your life, try venturing out to other cities nearby for some fun day trips.  Finding a diamond in the rough and spending the day there is so much fun.  Give your self a 100 mile radius, research some possible cities and places of interest to explore, get in the car and drive.  We have had some of our best days getting to an unknown place, talking to locals and taking in the culture.  Checking out Yelp for yummy places to eat while you are out exploring is a must also!


tarpon springs
2nd Anniversary Day Trip – Tarpon Springs, FL


breakfastpizza drive in[4]
3rd Anniversary – Silver Moon Drive-In, Lakeland, FL

Tasty Treats:

For the food lover in your life, there are many hands on classes readily available around town.  This chocolate making date night was one of our favorites and I’m hoping to sign up for a cookie decorating class soon (maybe for a girls night?!?).


chocoate lane chocolate mike

2nd Anniversary Date Night at Farris and Foster’s Chocolate Factory – Baldwin Park

Local Events:

If there is one thing my hubby and I love to do together above all the others…it would have to be going to sporting events.  This is always a great gift idea for the sports lover in your life, but other events that might be of interest are concerts, plays, festivals or a day spent exploring the local tourist attractions.  We are so lucky to live in an area that plays host to so many spectacular events – so why not take advantage of them!  Planning a stay-cation and acting like a tourist in your own city is bound to lead to some fun!


Christmas Gift – Packers vs. Bucs, Tampa, FL


Christmas Gift – Wisconsin vs. Auburn, Outback Bowl, Tampa

Just Plain Crazy:

One place I love to look for crazy gift ideas is Groupon.  This site not only has great deals, but I have found so many fun, crazy and just plain wild gift ideas any day of the week.  From trapeeze classes to hydrobiking (pictured below) to flyboarding (also pictured below) – these classes are a great way to find something for the adventure seeker in your life!


4th Anniversary – Hydrobiking, Ormond Beach, FL


Birthday Gift – Flyboarding, Lake Fairview, Orlando



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