One Word: Soar



{{Our team was inspired by one of our fellow contributor’s posts, “No More New Year’s Resolutions – Just Choose One Word”, so we decided to share our selected words and the reasoning behind them in a series called “My Word Is…”. Follow along as we share our stories, and then update on where our words have taken us at the end of the year.}}


When I was little, I wished I could fly. Maybe if I spun around fast enough, I could defy gravity. Or if I flapped my arms just right, I might take off. Being fairly young and not knowing about aerodynamics, I thought I was a failure because no matter how much I wanted to soar, I couldn’t do it.

As moms, do we blame ourselves when we have dreams that we can’t seem to achieve? Sure, if we aren’t doing anything to pursue them, it’s probably not going to happen. But, even when we do everything in our power to make it happen, what do we do when it doesn’t?

Do we blame ourselves and wear shame like a tattered dress? Only it’s not Cinderella’s stepsisters who tore it to bits.

It’s us.

We allow all sorts of critical thoughts cloud our mind and our judgement for what is true.

The truth is, there is no one like us and that’s a good thing, so why do we have to do great things to prove it?

To prove our worth?

For 2016, the word that stands out for me is


Why can’t we soar right now?

Here in the lowlands. In the trenches.

With stinky diapers, mismatched socks and stacks of endless dishes. What keeps us from soaring? To enjoy life as it is?

With some introspection and quiet reflection I’m sure the answer for each of us is not elusive and unless some really hard things are going on in our lives, we can soar right where we are.

3 Things That Weigh Us Down


We need to find appropriate ways to deal with the things that cause anxiety. Mindfulness. Just breathing. And for me, prayer indeed helps dispel my fears.

Blaming Ourselves

When we are not where we want to be, we don’t need to berate ourselves about it. It’s better to accept the things we can change and be realistic when there’s nothing we can do about our current situation in life (without shame).

Not Slowing Down

Sometimes we need to take a break. From everything. And bask, in the little blessings in our lives.

When we are able to shed the weights, holding us down,

Something happens.

We can soar.

Right where we’re at.



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