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Be Proactive in your Health & Wellness Journey!

Orlando Mom Collective is excited to bring you our Orlando Health & Wellness Guide. This guide provides information for our favorite health & wellness businesses in the Central Florida area.

It is our hope that this guide helps provide moms in Central Florida with more options when it comes to health & wellness for themselves and their families!

what you'll find in this guide:

‣ Holistic Wellness
‣ Fitness
‣ Self-Care
‣ Beauty & Pampering
‣ Alternative Medicine
‣ Mental Health Resources
‣ 4 Real World Tips For Tackling Self-Care
‣ Why You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup


I know, I know. The topic of self-care and moms is played out. We all can’t “go for a massage” or “get our nails done” whenever we want as “self-care”. Don’t worry, those aren’t my ideas of self-care anyway. My approach to self-care is WAY different. Self-care for me is taking care of my mental health, making time for me to just “BE” and also, putting myself first. 

To me, the secret key to keeping and maintaining self-care time is creating an intentional approach to “me time”. This makes sense for everyone and if you have growth intentions (or known to most as resolutions) for yourself, I highly recommend that you add self-care to your to-do list. And while self-care looks different for each of us, its important to spend a little time focusing on ourselves- every single day. 

I am going to warn you now, this is a long read. But worth it if you want some support when it comes to self-care.

As mothers, we often think that self-care should be the least of our priorities.

We barely have time to accomplish our daily tasks, and carving a few minutes for ourselves seems to be a luxury that we cannot afford.

However, if we do not take care of our well-being as we do our loved ones, we end up creating an unhealthy and unhappy version of ourselves that we will surely regret in the long run.

Here are some simple self-care tips that can help you keep your mom’s sanity intact so you can carry on with your daily responsibilities. 

You get so busy taking care of your kids, the house, the chores, your work, that you forget to take a moment just for you.

Self-care is not just a nice concept for other people, but it can become a vital source of energy, peace, and calm during your hectic day.

Think you don’t have time to devote to yourself? If you have 5 minutes to spare, then you have got the time.

The following self-care activities can be completed in 5 minutes or less. And doing them can result in feeling a little better about yourself and more in control of your day and your life.

I was sitting at the shore of Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park, my toes dancing across the top of the glassy water making small ripples against its surface. My husband and children were off to the side of me, sorting through pebbles looking for the perfect skipping rocks. Their playful voices broke through what would otherwise be the silence of the woods – a sound that includes a whistle of the wind and far-off chirps from mountain songbirds that I know nothing about.

Holistic Wellness

Central Florida Functional Medicine

Central Florida Functional Medicine

Central Florida Functional Medicine focuses on identifying and correcting underlying biomedical abnormalities to improve overall health and create wellness.

We are a patient-centered practice serving individuals and families of all ages who aim to optimize their wellness.

Our treatments combine lifestyle adjustment, nutritional supplements, and traditional medications when needed.

Be Well Holistic Care

Be Well Holistic Care

Welcome to Be Well Holistic Care, Orlando’s safe space for healing. Our skilled wellness providers are licensed professionals, committed to providing powerfully effective result-driven care and uniquely relaxing solutions to a wide range of mind, body, beauty and well-being concerns.

Be Well Holistic Care is Orlando’s home for acupuncture, Eastern medicine, massage, skincare and sugaring.

Energy Wellness Center of Orlando

Energy Wellness Center of Orlando

The Energy Wellness Center of Orlando welcomes you and your family to experience a truly beautiful healing journey. Our goal at The Energy Wellness Center of Orlando is to provide you, your family, and our community with the best care possible. It is our dream and passion to spread awareness of the possibility of better health. We are dedicated to providing outstanding care to help you reach your health goals whether you are on your path to healing or simply optimizing how you feel right now. Our center provides non-judgmental, inclusive and confidential services; including client/patient care, outreach, health promotion, collaboration with the doctor and staff, as well as ensuring your best physical, mental and spiritual health during your journey.

If you are ready to make changes to your health and lifestyle, The Energy Wellness Center of Orlando is an ideal place to start. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to set up an appointment. We are excited and ready for you to achieve levels of health you never knew you could. We are honored to serve our community!

The Center For Natural & Integrative Medicine

The Center For Natural & Integrative Medicine

At the Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine we strive to become your partner in health. Our mission is to inspire and empower you to live extraordinary lives by nourishing yourself from the inside out. We support you and help you discover a personalized, integrative approach for both men and women to optimize vitality and vibrant health. We test, identify and treat imbalances of hormones, vitamins, micronutrients as well as remove obstacles to healing such as toxins, allergens, and heavy metals. We look for and find the root cause. By treating the whole person, our programs optimize immune function, decrease illness and enhance the positive outcome for health and well being. Our functional approach truly provides a bridge to health, hope, and healing.


Hard Exercise Works

Hard Exercise Works

HEW is a 45-minute, motivational group-fitness program designed to offer you highly effective and scalable workouts in less time than your traditional gym. Our incredible coaching staff delivers an amazing experience and you’ll soon sense something special about our life-changing community. Through our unique mix of fitness, food and accountability, we take all the guess work out of it and truly make it easy to show up, work hard, and conquer your goals!

Club Pilates

Club Pilates

At Club Pilates, we believe that Pilates is for every type of body. We uphold Joseph Pilates’ vision: our passion is to help people feel great. The Club Pilates Intro Class is the perfect way to experience Pilates and our studio! Enjoy a 30-minute, full-body session with one of our talented instructors – each of whom has completed over 500 hours of comprehensive Pilates training. This session is a great intro to our equipment, the studio, the workout, and our amazing staff.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory is a total-body group workout that combines science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out.  Our workout is not HIIT. It is heart rate-based interval training, where you train through 5 heart rate zones designed to charge your metabolism for MORE caloric afterburn, MORE results, and MORE confidence, all to deliver you MORE LIFE.
Orangetheory is more than a gym because the work you do here in our studio will make all the difference out there in your world.



The YMCA is the leading nonprofit committed to strengthening individuals and communities across the country. At the Y, we’re here to help you find your “why” – your greater sense of purpose – by connecting you with opportunities to improve your health, support young people, make new friends and contribute to a stronger, more cohesive community for all.

YouFit Gyms

YouFit Gyms

At YouFit, You Fit In.


Every YouFit gym offers the affordable, state-of-the-art resources you need to reach your personal fitness and wellness goals.


Make YOUR Health & Wellness a Priority

Moms: You Can Not Pour From An Empty Cup

If you do not take care of yourself, then no one understands that you need to be cared for. No one can read our minds as to what we need.

What does self-care really mean?

It is like putting on your oxygen mask before you put your child’s oxygen mask on an airplane. If you don’t have your oxygen on and you are caring for your children, then all of you are at risk. You can get dizzy, you may lose your balance, you may lose your ability to think straight, you may pass out and no one is safe. By putting on your oxygen mask first, you think clearly, speak clearly, process clearly, and you can move fast and operate like superwoman! Therefore, all your children who are in your charge remain safe and in control.

That is the beauty of Self-Care.

Putting your Health & Wellness FIRST is a form of self-care. 

Beauty & Pampering

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Skin Care

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The Salt Room- Massage

The Salt Room


The Home Farm- Clean Beauty

The Home Farm


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4 Real World Tips For Tackling Self-Care

These are our top tips for implementing self-care, even when it feels nearly impossible to do so:

1)      Look at your foundation.

There are a few pillars of wellness that are pretty darn important. We call these your foundation. We want to assess the foundation for cracks before we start building too much on it. Start by rating your sleep, your nutrition, and your physical activity level 0-10. These help charge your battery to give you the energy necessary to tackle other areas in your life too.

2)      Start small.

We do not have to revamp your lifestyle overnight! That would be exhausting, and not sustainable. Start by making a list of a few areas you want to make changes in, and pick 1-2 to focus on to start.

3)      Get help

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it certainly wasn’t built alone. Reach out to a local therapy practice like Ohana Counseling & Wellness, that is specialized in parent wellness, so they can help support and guide you on the path to achieving your self-care goals.

4)      Stay Accountable

Tell a friend, family member, or health provider about your self-care goals and any way that they can help support you in meeting them. Do weekly self check-ins to assess which areas still have room for growth and which ones are doing awesome.

While self-care may take many forms, the most important takeaway is that it is not selfish, nor a luxury, but rather an absolute imperative to overall parent and family wellness.

Alternative Medicine

Grounding Roots- Cold Press Juice

Grounding Roots


The Salt Room- Salt Therapy + Infrared Sauna

The Salt Room


Mom Community

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Mental Health

CLIMB Wellness + Counseling

CLIMB Wellness + Counseling

Ohana Wellness + Counseling

Ohana Wellness + Counseling

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