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March Book of the Month is My Phony Valentine by Courtney Walsh!

Book of the Month for March is "My Phony Valentine" by Courtney Walsh!
Book of the Month for March is “My Phony Valentine” by Courtney Walsh!

Book Summary:

Courtney Walsh is on my list of authors that I will literally read anything and everything she writes. I just know it will be good! One of her other novels is on my “5 Books to  get you into the Christmas Spirit” list. So when she announced a surprise novel release a couple of weeks ago, I was so excited. I literally downloaded it the day it came out and I knew as soon as I finished that it would make for a great book club book! Despite the word “valentine” in the title, this can be read year round.

Poppy and Dallas meet in a coffee shop in her home town. She is being bothered by a town gossip who wants to know what she is up to after a disastrous break up. Without thinking, Poppy tells the older woman that the handsome man in front of her in line is her boyfriend. The older woman is in shock because the man is none other than Dallas Burke, the NHL hockey star for the local team. Dallas plays along and soon the town gossip site is on fire with the news that Poppy and Dallas are dating. Despite not wanting to play along with the rumors spreading about them, Dallas and Poppy are convinced by his grandmother that a fake relationship will help them both. But as they spend time together, the lines between their fake relationship and real feelings become blurred. Can Poppy see herself dating (for real) the famous hockey player or will his life in the spotlight be too much for her?

Book Pacing Guide:

March 6 -12: Chapters 1 – 15

March 13 – 19: Chapters 16 – 30

March 20 – 26: Chapter 31 – Epilogue

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