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In mid-December I was invited to check out a local MacroBaby store prior to the birth of my second baby. I had seen all the MacroBaby ads and billboards around town and had never been, so I was very excited to check it out!

MacroBabyI went on a Sunday and visited the location by Florida Mall, the closest one to my home. I was immediately greeted by a very friendly sales associate (and not just because she knew I was a guest blogger!) She offered to show me around the store and to help me find whatever I needed. She explained that this “concierge” service was something they provided to all shoppers.

One thing that surprised me was when I realized that every other shopper (beside me) was speaking a foreign language! I noticed mainly Spanish and Portuguese. The sales associate explained to me that they specialize in sales and services to foreign visitors and tourists to the Orlando area, and that all their sales associates speak multiple languages.

MacroBabyThis unique multilingual market niche goes as far as offering certain products like children’s books, picture frames, videos, etc. in both English and Spanish. I found a photo book I LOVED for my mommy-to-be sister, but the store only carried it in Spanish! I brought it to their attention and they are now working to find me one in English … very good customer service!

Other highlights of the trip were the Starbucks coffee machine and children’s play area. As a new mom with small kids, I know how shopping with even just one of them can be a challenge. The small play area with books, a TV, toys, etc. was a nice touch for families shopping with little ones. And you can never go wrong with offering coffee – especially good coffee – for tired parents!

MacroBaby embroideryI was also impressed to learn that MacroBaby offers a printing service on-site! You can have any item printed with your baby’s name, monogram or anything else you want – for an extra fee of course. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, you must buy the item you want monogrammed there at MacroBaby. You cannot bring in an outside item.

Lets talk dollars! As far as prices of items, I found them to be comparable to other major baby stores in the area and did not notice any major differences. However, they do offer a “local resident” discount of 10% off all purchases, all the time. All I had to do was fill out a little information about myself and received a 10% off card that allows me 10% off anything and everything I buy from MacroBaby … pretty good deal. And I appreciate no coupons to have to remember or fuss with!

Overall, customer service was great, the atmosphere was pleasant and welcoming, prices were comparable, and the extra 10% off was a nice bonus! I also liked the way the store was organized by item, including a whole section dedicated to organic items.

Although MacroBaby is a bit of a drive for me, I will definitely visit again and recommend MacroBaby to all parents and parents-to-be!

Happy shopping!

For more details about MacroBaby, visit their website at www.macrobaby.com


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