Orlando’s Best Pediatricians


Finding the perfect doctor, especially one who will care for the health of your child, goes beyond choosing a name from the “approved” list on your insurance website. How do you know who to pick, especially if you live in Sanford and your close friends are all in Kissimmee? You can’t take their recommendation for a pediatrician, unless you want to drive across town (and let’s face it, you don’t!). If you’re in the market for a new pediatrician, or just moved to Central Florida, we’ve got you covered!

Orlando’s Best Pediatricians

In a recent issue of Babyourself Magazine, we partnered with The Orlando Mom’s Guide to find out the top “momma recommended” pediatricians in Central Florida.

The top 10 most voted for doctors are listed by rank, followed by all other nominees listed in alphabetical order.

Orlando’s Best Pediatricians

1.  Britton, Brooke (Pediatric Associates of Orlando 32803)
2.  Middleton, Michael (Middleton Pediatrics 32803)
3.  Gordon, Greg (Pediatric Associates of Orlando 32803)
4.  Coffman, Greg (Pediatric Associates of Orlando 32803)
5.  Franz, Cornelia (The Franz Center 32806)
6.  Kayaleah, Lauri (Personal Pediatrics 32819)
7.  DiDea, Mark (Pediatric Associates of Orlando 32803)
8.  Chong, Robert (Lake Mary Pediatrics 32746)
9.  Trout, Pamela (Interlachen Pediatrics 32751)
10. Lacy, Thomas (TLC Pediatrics 32817)

Alber, Thomas (Lake Mary Pediatrics 32746)
Belsare, Devyani (Orange Pediatrics 32714)
Burns, Andrea (Pediatric Associates 32701)
Carr, David (Pediatrics Plus 32806)
Casler, Alix (Physician Associates)
Cobian, Larissa (RDV Sportsplex Pediatrics)
Craven, Nicole (The Franz Center 32806)
Elias, Sally (TLC Pediatrics 32817)
Emmert, Melanie (Interlachen Pediatrics 32751)
Fields, Angela (All About Kids Pediatrics 32819)
Gagliano, Nicole (Physician Associates 32750)
Gans, Barbara (Pediatric Associates of Orlando 32803)
Holson, Brenda (Interlachen Pediatrics 32751)
Landis, Miles (Lake Mary Pediatrics 32746)
Lim, Iris (Pediatric Associates of Orlando 32803)
Madden, Mitchell (Physician Associates 32746)
Mandani, Sadiq (Oviedo Children’s Center 32765)
Miller, Maria (Oviedo Pediatrics 32751)
Morales, Sandra (Physician Associates 32828)
Nielsen, Annette (Tree House Pediatrics 32832)
Reguero, Lillian (Perinatal Center PA 32806)
Ryan, Susan (Pediatric Associates of Orlando 32803)
Summers, Andy (Baldwin Park Pediatrics 32814)
Ward, Julie (Interlachen Pediatrics 32751)



  1. Dr. Mandani in Oviedo is the best I have found. He has also a nurse practioner, Penny Mccallister who is so knowledgeable and takes her time. His staff treats you like you are part of the family and they treat the kids as their own


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