Back to School means back to packing lunches. With three kids in elementary school who carry a lunch box four days a week (only buying on pizza day of course) it can become rather monotonous for me and them. I’ve put together these fun little {PRINTABLE} lunch box notes to tuck in alongside the sandwich, granola bar, and fruit fuel session to make them giggle and let them know that you are thinking about them…even if you are celebrating the return of the school routine like I am.

{PRINTABLE} Lunch Box NotesJust Add Giggles

Save and print these PDFs to add into your little ones lunchbox this school year. Homeschool? Hide them in their workbooks and around the house! 

Can’t get to a printer? Try these Lunchbox Jokes…all you need is a pen and paper!

{PRINTABLE} Lunch Box Notes

Favorite Lunch Box Contents

While we are talking back-to-school lunches, what are some of your favorites to give your kiddo some lunchbox variety? Share your favorites with us in the comments! Find some of our favorites for picky eaters and lovers of the homemade bento box!

{PRINTABLE} Lunch Box NotesPinterest Perfect

Make sure you are following our Back to School board on Pinterest to make back to school easy for you and your tiny people. We are sharing all sorts of stress-free morning hacks, budget friendly wardrobe refreshes, photo ideas, and {of course} lunchbox ideas. 


  1. I love lunchbox notes. My mom always did them for me and it always made me smile. It’s a wonderful way to encourage your child through a bad day or just give a long distance hug!

  2. These are awesome! I am trying to do better with lunchbox notes but these would make my life so much easier and would be so much more fun for my girls to find :). Thanks for sharing!


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