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I thought I had escaped the huge expense of putting braces on my kids. My first two kids thankfully received my straight-teeth genes, but then the baby of the family came along and her orthodontic prognosis wasn’t looking so good. Throughout middle school I held out hope that her teeth were still moving, wishing and praying that they’d miraculously line up in place, but no dice.

When we began looking into braces for Kaitlyn, we were hit financially with something the “What to Expect” books hadn’t prepared us for; three kids in high school all at the same time. Granted there’s always expenses with kids at any age, but high school seemed to take it to a whole new level. Cars, auto insurance, gas, yearbooks, dances (including the dress, pictures, tickets, dinner, etc.), field trips to theme parks, graduation fees = $let’s just take out a loan!

Adding braces to our budget wasn’t in the plan.

It was around that time when I started Googling “braces in Orlando” that ads began appearing in my Facebook feed (isn’t it disturbing how that happens?!), and I started seeing ads for various orthodontists, and one particularly caught my attention… Smiley Face. Their emojis were cute and their ads were colorful, but it was their price point that really got my attention!

No smile left upside down.

At Smiley Face, they aim to be affordable and convenient. Their braces cost 60% less than the other guys, and you’ll see results in 12 months or less. Guaranteed. I was intrigued!

We set up a consultation with Dr. Burris, and we were amazed by their friendly staff and fun atmosphere. They have a very clean and comfy space – with plenty of emoji pillows to make everyone smile!

Here’s a photo journey of Kaitlyn’s progress

Month 1

 Kaitlyn did NOT like me taking this first picture. She hated her crooked teeth, but I assured her that one day she would look back on this picture in awe of how much change would happen!

Kaitlyn did a lot of closed-mouth smiles prior to braces. She was really excited to begin this journey to straighter teeth!

Documenting “BEFORE” braces.

We started the tradition of taking her photo in front of the mirror wall at Smiley Face. Pay attention to the confidence that she gains from appointment to appointment!

Month 3

We were SO amazed by Kaitlyn’s progress in the first two months! Some of the trouble areas responded right away. Kaitlyn’s confidence began to grow with each appointment!

Month 5

Months 7- 15

And look at the difference in less than 18 months!

Dr Burris gives the thumbs up for taking off her braces today!

Her “first look”! (There’s residue on her face from the retainer mold, but I couldn’t help but capture the look of pure joy on her face!)

Documenting the before/after braces.



We HIGHLY recommend Dr Burris at Smiley Face Orlando! If you have any questions, feel free to email me personally ([email protected])
or contact Smiley Face directly at

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