Race Day Essentials!


Do you have Running Fever?

It’s racing season here in Florida, and no matter if you are running a charity 5K or you’ve challenged yourself to a half or full marathon, here are a few race day essentials you’ll need before you hit the pavement.

First, let me pause for a moment to say that I’m not a running expert. In fact, I haven’t run more than 8 miles in one setting in my entire life. So that being said, this is a collaborative post from friends and family who are all at different levels of running. You’ll notice that after each item I’ll encourage you (yes, you!) to share your favorite brands and products. 👇 Trust me, I’ll read the comments and take your suggestions to ❤️ heart! Maybe one day I’ll even brave a long-distance race!

Race Day EssentialsShoes

I almost didn’t include shoes, because it’s a no-brainer place to start, but it’s important to have a good pair of shoes. You can get fitted properly at a running specialty store or even at a chain. It’s important to be fitted properly so you don’t get injured. Share in the comments your favorite pair of running shoes! 👇

Anti-Chafing Stick

Because. You know. Chafing is not fun. Go ahead…comment below about a chafing stick. You know you want to. 👇 😂


Any socks will do, but eventually you’ll want to get some running socks. Compression socks and sleeves are truly helpful (for me)!

A little background about me and my not-as-impressive-as-others running history. I used to run in high school A LOT. Track and cross-country were my jam. In the years after high school, I continued to run, especially as a stress reliever, but as mentioned above, nothing more than 8 miles. Recently I started running again. I’m 40-*cough*-something, and I’ve noticed I’m no spring chicken anymore! I have a recurring calf muscle strain, and so a compression sleeve has been my best friend to prevent it from getting worse. Insert comments below if you love compression socks/sleeves, or if you want to give this old gal some sympathy! 👇


I’m sort of obsessed with Fabletics. They have comfortable, affordable and fashionable athletic wear. Or maybe it’s the fact that Fabletics does a great job marketing with my girl Kate Hudson. I think she’s gorgeous in anything she wears! I’m also obsessed with Matthew McConaughey, and the two of them together in any movie {How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days}, my fav! But that’s for an entirely different blog post. Back to clothing… I’m partial to running capris, but a lot of my friends swear by comfortable running shorts! When choosing your shirt, you’ll want one that wicks away your sweat. Don’t forget a supportive sports bra (or two!). Comment below with your go-to outfit, or if you think Matthew McConaughey is dreamy, too! 👇

Race Day Essentials
credit: A Note From Kate: On the Run

GPS Watch

Use a smart watch/GPS watch or a free phone app, such as RunKeeper, C25k or MapMyRun. It’s crazy all of the apps that are available to track your run times and fitness level. Comment below with your favorite running app, or if you want to brag on yourself (which is totally fine!), share your PR! 👇

Earbuds or Headphones

OK. I’m going to stop for a moment. Confessional time. I went YEARS… YEARS wearing the wrong size of earbuds. I almost gave up on listening to music while running, because it would drive.me.crazy at how they would pop out all of the time. I kept thinking that “I must need a bigger earbud piece…” when in fact I needed a smaller piece. Rant over. 

So yes. Find good earbuds that fit. Do you like Bluetooth? Over the ear? Share your favorite in the comments! 👇


…or visor, hat and sunglasses. I need to find a good hat. Still looking. Share in the comments your favorite! 👇


…or similar belt with pouches to hold your phone and miscellaneous items while running.

Spi belt

Hydration and Fuel

A fuel belt, simple hydration bottle or camelbak are crowd favorites. And for fuel, my friends prefer GU Energy Gel or Clif Shot Energy Gel for longer distances. What’s your favorite fuel during a race? (note: Ladies, wine is not the right answer this time.) Share in the comments your favorite! 👇

Final tips…

  • Take some ibuprofen before you head out the door.
  • Pee before you begin (and maybe even wear a little something you can *depend* on…just in case. You never know.) 😂
  • Vitamin B = my best friend. My hubby is a huge advocate for Le-Vel (or Thrive). I personally love their capsules and Black Label DFTs for running and energy.

To wrap this up, I truly hope you take a minute to comment below. I’m seriously hoping to hear some of YOUR favorite running essentials or running encouragement. This mama currently does not have running fever, but I’m hoping I’ll catch that bug soon!


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