Moms, do have a difficult child? Not “bad” or “mean” necessarily, but just difficult? I do. He’s adorable and smart, so smart, and funny. But he’s my hardest child to parent. And it makes me frustrated and sad.

He has passions that are strong and deep. He does so well in school and seems to enjoy grasping new concepts. He can have serious conversations about heavy topics, at least for his age. But he’s selfish and often unkind. He talks harshly to his little brother. He wants to do only what he wants to do and he is unbending when it comes to others wants. 

I don’t have advice. I can’t say if it will get better. I hope it will. I have faith that I’m raising him to be a good man. I ultimately want to raise a kind and mature adult. But when I hear him demand to do what he wants to do and ignore what others want, I get angry and sad.

I don’t know what to do to combat this issue. But he’s 8. Is it an issue I should be very concerned about? I feel like it is. But I don’t know!

So do you have a difficult child? Did you have one that grew out of it? What are your tips? 


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