Mama, we know life gets hard. Kids, marriage, work, cooking, extra curricular’s for the kids….the list is endless. Sometimes we need a little help to navigate the waters of motherhood. We are proud to support CLIMB Wellness & Counseling, a practice that is for real people who want realistic solutions for coping with real life.


  • Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed at times?
  • Life adjustments causing you to feel something is off?
  • Are you dealing with a crisis in your relationship?
  • Is anxiety, depression or self-esteem becoming more than you can deal with?
  • Have you tried to solve the problems you are currently facing and realize you need help from someone else? 
  • If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you have made the right choice by seeking help!

CLIMB Wellness & Counseling is a practice that is for real people who want timely and realistic assistance.

CLIMB strives to treat their clients as they would want their family and friends treated. Their practice focuses on the reproductive time frame, perinatal struggles, couples, parent coaching, trauma, medical and chronic illness, Christian counseling, and addictions. The diverse backgrounds of the therapists have helped them develop strong communication and people skills enabling an environment where people feel safe and willing to open up. CLIMB understands thier responsibility as therapists is to assist clients in gaining knowledge, coping skills, insight, and confidence to deal with all life has to bring, both planned and unplanned. 

CLIMB specializes in positive, realistic solutions for coping with real life. They are truly devoted to working with real people with real problems and assisting them with enjoying life more fully, no matter what the issue.  With over 20 years of combined experience specializing in couples, individual, and family therapy, CLIMB has had the privilege to walk alongside countless individuals facing a wide range of life challenges. At CLIMB Wellness & Counseling they believe there is no issue too difficult to tackle if you are willing to do the work.  Contact CLIMB Wellness & Counseling today to start working towards the life you not only want, but deserve! Together, we can get you there. 

Together we can CLIMB!
Join us for an INDOOR Egg Hunt!


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