Remembering 9/11 and Teaching Our Children


For many of us, September 11 is a “where were you” moment of our generation, and is perhaps one of the hardest dates to explain to a small child.

Last year, as I was watching the news coverage, my daughter asked me why I was crying. As best I could, I explained to my nearly three-year-old that a long time ago some bad people attacked our country. Why? she asked. Because they don’t like us.

For her, that was enough. But I know as she gets older, the questions will get harder.

Another of our contributors asked a few of her students if they knew what happened on 9/11/01…some could recall stories told by their parents, others hadn’t been born.

In light of teaching our children about this day, we compiled a brief list of resources:

And a few books specifically for  younger children:

 Older Children:

What do you tell your children about this day?

by Elisabeth Myrick
former OMB Contributor


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